Mozzarella on Paradiso

  1. Does anyone have a Paradiso bag with great placement of Mozzarella?? I love her on that bag and would love to see pics. Thanks!
  2. I might. I've never used my paradiso bag. I'll check later on tonight and post pics :tup:
  3. Great! Thanks!
  4. Is this her, to the right of sushi baby?
    IMG_2191.JPG IMG_2192.JPG
  5. i have a bambino with her on the front...
    bambino front cut.JPG
  6. here's another view!
    bambino side sushi.JPG

  7. Yes...that is her and she is soooo cute!

  8. Oh so cute..thanks for posting!
  9. Here she is on my BV.:p
    Front of BV.jpg
  10. I didn't get a chance to take my pix..sorry. It looks like others came through for you though. Do you still need mine? :confused1:
  11. I would like to see a pic of a bella or a denaro with good placement of mozzarella if anyone has that. Thanks!!
  12. i have her on my denaro (see my avatar) along with the sushi boy =D
  13. So cute!
  14. That is SO perfect. Do you have a larger pic of your denaro?