Moynahan Expecting Child With Ex Tom Brady

  1. According to US weekly:

    "Six Degrees star Bridget Moynahan is more than three months pregnant with former boyfriend Tom Brady's baby.</B> first reported Moynahan, 36, and the 29-year-old New England Patriots quarterback split in December after dating for three years.
    It's doubtful a baby would bring the couple back together: Brady has recently been seen cavorting around town with supermodel Gisele Bundchen.
    A rep for Moynahan tells "This it to confirm that actress Bridget Moynahan is over three months pregnant. Former boyfriend Tom Brady is the father. They recently split after a three year relationship. Privacy and consideration is appreciated at this time. No further comments will be made."


    I feel bad for Gisele.
  2. Interesting timing, huh?
  3. Hoo boy!! I wonder what Gisele has to say about all any event that's gonna be a very beautiful baby!
  4. Darnit, I wanted Tom's first baby to be with ME! :p
  5. Congratulations to "the idiot stick figure with no soul" lol alright, I had to get that out of the way ;)

    That will be a very beautiful baby.
  6. Apparently she's OK with it, according to Gisele and Tom are vacationing in Paris this weekend!
  7. Wow! I agree that the baby will be gorgeous.
  8. Gisele and Tom are in Paris... I wonder if Gisele knows about it...
    shame for the baby tho. Its parents are not together and it's not even born yet!
  9. I think he has a child with another woman too. His college sweetheart.
  10. Kind of awkward timing to have a baby to say the least. I think Gisele and Tom probably started dating around Christmas. I think although publicly it was not announced until know Tom and Bridget have probably known obviously for longer. It would have been bad form on Tom's part if he knew Bridget was pregnant before he starting Gisele and not have told her about it.
  11. poor Bridget
  12. No comment on this one...
  13. No comment on this one...sad.
  14. Due to the timing, I am assuming that Tom and Moynahan broke up as soon as she got pregnant. Any thoughts? Maybe that was the reason for the break up? Maybe she wanted a baby (being 36) and he did not? Any thoughts?
  15. I don't know if Bridget was trying to trap him. Maybe it really was an accident. But I never understand with these famous folks why they don't use condoms or birth control. Makes me think they are everyday people just like me. Which they are.