Moving up to croc...pros and cons, please!

  1. I would so appreciate the opinions of members who are familiar with both the "delight" and "concerns" of owning/carrying a 35 cm croc birkin. This has been a dream of mine for several years...and realization of that dream appears to be on the horizon!!

    My thanks.
  2. congrats on even considering it....a yummy decision! my main concern is that buying it will push me over the edge of all reason and self-control, lol!!!!!!!!! and that once having my grail bag, will buying/using any of my H bags ever be as good again?

    if you have any serious concerns, what are they? we are here to listen and support...
  3. HC, you just got your amazing croc kelly. Is a croc birkin your grail? What color and size?
  4. You can't take it out in the rain. Other than that, there's NO CONS!!!! LOL!!!!!!
  5. The "delight" part is easy, Luciana. Just gaze at it!

    There are times when you may wish you could put a barricade around the Croc Birkin. I went to dinner with friends last night and it was impossible to find a spot for my Birkin except on the floor (on top of a napkin). Even there, I still had to protect it from the waitstaff. Aside from the obvious weather issues, I find that there are times when a Croc Birkin or Kelly is just too over the top. I hope you'll hang onto a non-exotic Birkin/Kelly for those times.
  6. There is, there is, K.

    A big fat hole in the pocket. :push:
  7. That was the one and only thing I could think of as a con too!:push::sweatdrop:
  8. OOoohhh...Croc! I must be twiddly bored with my life cos I'm seriously considering getting a croc in blue roi or rouge vif right now (either that or it's just pregnancy hormones :nuts::nuts:).

    I think it's luxurious and really beautiful, but not an everyday bag cos you need to baby it too much.

    The only tip I can give you is this - buy it from Paris if you can. It would be like buying a croc and getting a birkin free!
  9. Luciana12, I don't have a 35cm croc Birkin but a 30cm one. (Check out the Exotics thread in the reference section for all the members' croc bags)

    This is my take on croc:-

    * If money is not an object, aim for porosus. The scales are smaller, and being daintier, the look of small scales on a large surface area in a 35cm is simply TDF :woohoo:The best outcome, IMO is to find a niloticus croc birkin with very small scales, so you achieve the look of a porosus, without having to pay the premium of a porosus.

    * Nothing beats a croc. Honestly. It's the epitome of Hermes quality and appreciation. It's in a class of it own. (There was a closed door Hermes event some time back, and I casually asked my manager which bag I should bring that day, and she went "Ohhhhhhhh .... of courrrrrrsssssse your crrrooooooccccc)

    * Wearing a croc Birkin amongst H loving fans can be deemed as a "friendly" thing but amongst other friends and aquaintances who are still aspiring to get one, I find that it can be rather "off-putting". Well, at least that's the way I feel. Ladies who are competitive, will tend to show you some animosity when you are toting a croc birkin. I can be rather conscious of this side effect.

    * Shine on croc - I prefer shiny croc to matte croc. But I find it requires good handling, and the need to give the croc a good wipe. I find that over time, the shine has become duller (HG has said this before, and I am just beginning to experience it myself). I have asked Mario what I can do, and he said a good wipe with a dry cloth always helps. If any of you have a good suggestion to maintain the shine on croc, please let me know.

    * Scratches - be careful to avoid superficial scratches caused by jewellery. They cannot be buffed away.
  10. GO TAMMY GO! GO TAMMY GO!:heart:
  11. Thank you all so very much!! I am worried about the "protective/pampering" tendencies that I have always had for my non-exotics...and I fear this will be elevated to a level which could prevent me from enjoying it the way a bag like this should be enjoyed.

    Your assurances have eased my angst. I believe it will arrive in approximately 6 weeks. I've yet to post photos of my collection (I'm a bit of a "dinosaur") but promise to to do when this long-awaited treasure arrives (been aiming for this for 12 years)!!

    Mrs. S: Thank you for your wonderfully comprehensive response. It is black porosus croc with gold hardware.

    Millstream: You put such a smile on my face with your "dining" scenario. I always cover my bag with a napkin...and am most at ease when it sits comfortably on a lovely bag "throne".

    My regards.
  12. You're most welcome, Luciana.

    WOW. Black Porosus with Gold :drool::drool::drool:. 6 weeks! I'd have taken the plane and bring it back myself! j/k.
  13. Oh, I thought about that Mrs. S. Quite frankly, my schedule at work is very hectic for the next three I thought it best to stay put...let the bag travel to me...and continue to earn the $$$ to pay for this one!!!

    You are lovely!! Thank you!!
  14. ^^ Luciana LOL.

    6 weeks. 11 Aug now. The week commencing 10th Sep, right .... See I am so excited for you. Let me know when I can shout out loud for you, and when I can pop cyber champagne!
  15. will be my first "cyber-champagne" date!!! (My husband is wondering why I'm laughing while reading and typing!)

    Thanks so much!!