Moving Today...

  1. We are moving today and through the weekend from AZ to CO...could everyone please send good thoughts and prayers that we have a safe uneventful move and hopefully no snow that keeps us from getting stuck anywhere!!!!....Thanks!! I will miss TPF...won't have access again till next week! Have a great weekend everyone!!:heart: :heart:
  2. Best wishes to you :flowers: have a safe trip!
  3. Have a safe move!
  4. Have a safe move! Where are you moving to in CO?
  5. Good luck to you! Hope the move goes well!
  6. We are moving to Littleton. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!!:heart:
  7. Good luck and have a safe move!
  8. Have a safe trip!!! I recently moved and almost went insane without TPF... :p
  9. Best of luck!
  10. double post
  11. good luck and happy moving!
  12. have a safe trip and I hope the move goes smooth! can't wait til you come back!
  13. Best of luck.....
    and lets meet up for coffee and shopping soon....
  14. Thank you for the nice post....We made it safely!! I had my house rented out and my tenant thrashed it!! It looks awful, I have tons of work to do!! We had just replaced the carpet last year and now we will have to again....They had pets and apparently let the pets do their business wherever they wanted. I can't put anything away because I have to much cleaning up to do...On the good side, I am home..
  15. Have a safe move!! Arizona will miss you :smile: