Moving to suburb outside Chicago. Best shopping other than downtown Chi-town?

  1. I am moving to Chicago suburbs and I don’t want to go into the city and fight that madness to go shopping. Any suburban mall recommendations for high end shopping (Saks, Neimans, LV, Yurman etc).

  2. Not sure which burb you're moving to, but my favorites for high end shopping are Oakbrook Center (with cheaper DuPage county tax!) and Northbrook Court. Old Orchard and Woodfield are ok too but not quite as fancy. There is only one Saks in the Chicagoland area, but it's downtown. For high end outlet shopping i like the upper level of the Fashion Outlets in Rosemont.

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  3. ditto Shopmore

    Northbrook Court in Northbrook is nice, see the listing of stores. Oak Brook is also nice, again, see the store listing.

    You can always take the Metra downtown and avoid the traffic hassle and $35+ garage parking fee. Between Metra and taxi's, you'd be $ ahead of garage parking fees. Then you can peruse Oak Street and a few high ends on Michigan Ave.

    Avoid the Schaumburg (Woodfield) mall, the most "high end" there is Nordstrom (which is also in Northbrook and Oak Brook). The next "high end" in Schaumburg is Macy's. (for the record, I love Nordstrom for my wheel house of stores. The Schaumburg Mall is HUGE, but has multitudes of non high end stores. It's OK to experience. Good luck on parking).

    Fashion Outlets in Rosemont is OK. Certainly better than Schaumburg (Woodfield). It's "outlet" for a reason. Not to say that I haven't scored in the Last Call Neiman's... The Saks Off Fifth is large, and Bloomingdale's is also there. Check the directory, it's quite impressive. Even has Moncler, Prada, Barneys, Burberry, and Brunello Cucinelli. And the nearby area restaurants are wonderful.

    Then there's always online and UPS............

    Then there's always O'Hare Airport with many nonstop flights to Manhattan, LA and Vegas, some of my favorite shopping altars. Along with Palm Beach, Short Hills Mall.........errrrr......... time to put my charge card in hibernation...........
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  4. Which suburb? I prefer Northbrook Court as it's indoors and all the other stuff around are outdoors. Oakbrook is outdoors and so is Old Orchard. But if you tell me which suburb, I can give you a better idea.
  5. I like how you think!

    Do you go to Brunello Cucinelli? I never see anyone talk about it. I love their stuff and got to go to their factory in Solomeo and even got to meet Brunello Cucinelli or Mr. Cucinelli as all of the employees call him. :smile:
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  6. What a neat experience! I love their stuff too. I have a correction in my earlier post: there is NOT a Nordstrom at Northbrook Court. There are locations on Michigan Ave, Oak Brook, and Old Orchard. The Mich Ave Nordstrom shoe dept is huge and quite wonderful. The building that Nordstrom is in on Mich Ave also has a Wolford store. Not many of those around, and I like them. There's another Wolford stand alone on Oak Street.
  7. Northbrook Ct is my favorite go-to especially with their Neimans!
  8. Just wanted to add that the Saks in Chicago isn't all that great, imo, so you're not really missing out there.
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