Moving to Ohio...

  1. Ok guys, it's official! As of June 1st I will be a resident of Perrysburg, OH (it's near Toledo)! Now all I need to do is find and job! I'm looking for a cheap moving company too. Any help with this would be appreciated.

    I'm an architect with one year exprience. I graduated from Notre Dame with a Bachelor's degree. I have done mostly residential architecture, but would be open to other fields as well. I can also hand draft and watercolor and have excellent computer skills.

    Thanks for any suggestions and support!! :biggrin:

    And if any of you live in the Toledo area, I also need the name of a contractor!!
  2. See if they have 3 men and a truck up there...we use them her in Columbus and they are recommended by many.

    Toledo is soooo boring....lucky for you detroit is an hour away and shopping at Somerset = LOVE.
  3. That makes two of us moving to O-H-I-O. I'll be moving back to Columbus in early May, I can't wait!
  4. Wow! What a big move! From NYC to Ohio! Good luck! :P
  5. YAY!! It looks like we'll be able to have an Ohio PF mtg. :biggrin:
  6. Try Bonn, Germany to Columbus, OH. I'd give an arm if I only had to move from NYC, like Sanguar. ;)
  7. I'm from Kentucky, so it's not a big change. I only spent a year in NYC. My FH is from Perrysburg. We're going to live in the house he grew up in... For me it's so cool because it was built in 1865. The archiecture around there is amazing!
  8. Welcome to the Midwest! I live in Michigan only 90 minutes away from where you will be living. My husband did a residency at Medical College of Ohio, and while he did he stayed in Sylvania. The people in Toledo are incredibly friendly and there is some wonderful things to do around Toledo. I am sure you will find a fantastic job- best of luck to you!

    Hey, we may almost have enough people to do a Midwest PurseForum Meeting! he he he!

    Yes- I believe there is 3 men and a truck there
  9. If it means anything I have a dear friend that lives in Toledo and she really enjoys her life there. She is really happy. I hope you find happiness and success there as well.
  10. ^Awww, thanks!! I hope so too. My FH and his family have lived there all of their lives! I'm actually pretty excited...
  11. I like Ohio! I've been there a few times - my inlaws live there!

    Good luck with the move!
  12. I live 50 miles north of Toledo in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I know a couple of excellent real estate agents in Perrysburg if you're thinking about buying a place. It can be a great alternative to renting, even if you're just starting out.
  13. my hubby said make sure you get some Tony Packo's and some Geno's Pizza!! :P
  14. In Columbus during my time as a Buckeye, I learned that Ann Arbour was a whore. :lol:

    Go Bucks!
  15. Good Luck with your move Sanguar, The house sounds fantastic. I heard the architecture in Ohio is amazing, and the cost of living is not so high.

    Where in the NYC are you ?