Moving to New Jersey...Any advice?

  1. My boyfriend just got a job at The College of New Jersey in Ewing. We will be moving this July, but we aren't sure what area just yet. I am a consultant and will be looking for a job in NYC, New Jersey, or Philly.

    I know many of you lovely ladies are from the area. Do you have any advice on neighborhoods that would be nice or neighborhoods to avoid? We are in our late 20's and are looking for somewhere with other young professionals. We prefer somewhere quiet, but somewhat close to major highways or public transporation.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  2. dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joking!!!! lol!!!!!

    pm ME..i LIVE THERE......
    I can give you areas to look at.I live in S Jersey..20 min outside Philly.I grew up in N Jersey for 20 years I know the area.
  3. I am originally from northern New Jersey. I have a cousin that lives in Wall Township which would'nt be too far from where you'll be. I noticed on the map you are on the border of, like you said 3 states, pretty much. I noticed Freehold was'nt too far from that area, but not sure how far. I've been there before and seems nice. I know New Brunswick is city based, but there could be some suburb area's there. Sorry I was'nt more of a help. I wish you all the luck.
  4. PHH works in New Brunswick>I dont like that area myself.He grew up in Freehold.thats an awesome town....Cherry Hill,Mt Laurel,Moorestown in S Jersey(20 min from Philly) are my faves...LOL
  5. Just remember to stay away from those Jersey Drivers! ;)

    The TriState area is pretty expensive to live in...
  6. princeton, lawrenceville, montgomery, and branchburg are nice, suburban towns with extremely nice neighborhoods and housing. they are all relatively close to both nyc and philly, too.

    they are all close and very convenient to major roads and trains, but not city-like.
  7. woohoo! this is my neck of the woods! :yahoo:i work in mt laurel...a little too south jersey for my taste! i grew up in central jersey, and LOVE it parents still live there, right near princeton, which is a great place to look into. freehold would be a nice area as well, i think! central jersey seems right for you if you want easy access to both philly and new york. PM me if you have any questions!!
  8. don't do it!!!!

    just kidding.
    i lived in metutchen (sp?) for a month. thats all it took to realize i was in the wrong place. a town with 10 tanning salons, 15 nail shops and a very odd diner, compiled with their bored cops had me feeling like i was in the middle of the twilight zone with no way out!
  9. Welcome to Jersey...don't worry...there are a ton of diners all over the place and the Short Hills Mall is like a mini version of 5th Ave inside =).

    I've lived in Hoboken (across the river from NYC), Monmouth County (think Sandy Hook) and Centeral Jersey. Personally, I liked the MC the best...take the ferry/train to NYC and be there in 45 mins or drive. I loved Hoboken but it was SO expensive!

    Good luck with your move!
  10. My bf lives there actually..he goes to school in NY. He lives in the Woodcliff Lake area of NJ when he's not at school though.
  11. My bf & I started looking at places in Hoboken, he grew up in manhattan and this his parents recently moved out to north jersey but lots of his friends like living in hoboken. I dont know what the living expenses are like where you currently live, but the condos were slightly more than what we were considering in Chicago, but WAY cheaper than nyc! Seriously, against those prices it made Hoboken look cheap :smile: It seems cute with restaurants, bars and easy access to nyc. We're not looking to move until after we both finish our masters degrees though so it was more for fun instead of serious stuff when we looked.

    Good luck with your move :smile:
  12. that's kind of a hard dept to help you in, but ill do my best & you just let me know if you need additional help.

    Is safety important? Is quiteness important? Suburbs or City night life? that all plays a big role. I live in Newark, NJ the ironbound section - were I grew up really, but theres that other part of Newark which is straight up GHETTO! lol. I really enjoy spending my time in the bergen county area, its very modern, young ambiance, great coffee shops and all. They have a train station on Bloomfield Ave there, which is pretty big and runs through majority of North Jersey. Central Jersey is pretty cheaper to live in, because the commute. If you live south and work North, expect traffic every single morning M-F because that's where alot of jobs are at (newark -right next to penn station) I work for an agency that hires for two corp company's there, if you're interested let me know! Also, S. Jersey is ok I guess - for the summer its good but year round, eh..i find myself seeing to many blue collar people, which I'm not used to - but it is where majority of the people live in, because it is cheaper. If you want a home, cheapest would be rural areas but too big of a drive, not to mention they get paid lower then other NJ areas.

    Any questions, feel free to ask :p
  13. Just as a warning....NJ is expensive...

    Homes are still affordable south of Ewing..North of Ewing is more expensive.

    Hip young areas....

    Hoboken --across from NYC
    Princeton -- very close to Ewing, nice upscale downtown shops..and the University
    New Brunswick --- town..good restaurants
    Lambertville/New Hope PA --- Antiques and just a great vibe..I would love to live there one day. I would suggest starting here.
    Haddonfield-- ame thing as Lambertville..closer to Philly
    Freehold -- Kind of far to commute to Ewing, but another nice downtown
    Too many places down the shore to mention..again a bit of a commute to Ewing

    If he is working in Ewing, consider living across the Delaware river in PA. Car insurance is cheaper, property taxes are cheaper. Look at New Hope, Newtown, Lahaska...
  14. Yay, welcome to New Jersey! I've lived practically all over the state, so if you have any questions about specific towns feel free to ask.
  15. I live in Mt. Laurel too!!!! it's a great town, very safe, good schools, close to everything, 30 min. to philly & 45 min to the shore. just a warning though, i can be quite expensive! other nice towns are cherry hill, marlton, moorestown, voorhees, medford. i am not too familiar w/ central jersey; however, i hear there are very nice towns in that area. also PM me w/ any questions. Good Luck w/ your'e search!