Moving to London

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  1. So I know there are quite a few London ladies here. I'll be moving across the pond later this summer and I'm just looking for tips (about EVERYTHING from where to live, to where to shop etc). I am working in Bishopsgate any nice neighborhoods around there? Websites where I can see London flats? I hear flats are usually rented furnished, so what will I need to supply myself? Any insight you have at all would be great! Thanks :rolleyes:
  2. and are excellent for the london area, and you can also then ask for propertys within a few miles so it will be really helpful to help you understand what towns are closeby, and will prepare you for what the average rental price should be.

    Rented is common, yep, literally, everything is supplied right down to a set of cutlery, including all the essentials such as the refridgerator and washing machine, so you will just need to bring the things that make you feel at home, such as towels and nic nacs to make it personal.

    This is also a great site, as it tells you abit about the actual area :smile:

    and abit more info for ya here :biggrin:

    Very best of luck with your move, and personal recommendations are invaluable, so try to speak to your new work colleagues before you come over and find out the best areas around you to live and play

  3. Thank you so much. I will certainly talk to them more before I go. I think most of the people I work with live in Notting Hill. They said they pay about 400 pounds a week in rent, is that pretty reasonable to get a decent place? I'm really excited!
  4. are you coming over on your own? if so, a house share might be perfect for you, its nice to have company from locals, who will be able to help you find new friends over here, but if you are looking to rent on your own, minimum for a studio flat in or around notting hill is going to be a min of 1200 plus per month, 1 beds will be around 400 a week yes, and in nicer areas, it could be much much more!!! (Notting Hill is v expensive)
  5. Hey there, Im not familiar with Bishopsgate, however notting hill is a pretty nice neighborhood, with cute shops. I recommend for your flat hunt. You should be able to get something quite nice for 400 pounds. Good luck and if you have any other questions feel free to ask away!
  6. I can't really help you out too much as I live on the coast South of London but I just wanted to wish you well with your move. If you live in Notting Hill you will love it, its a nice area - expensive though.

    I agree with Chloe-Babe that a Houseshare might be a good idea and definately speaking with your new work colleagues.
  7. I'm looking now and I see some cute ones on the sites you recommended, but I'm not sure if they are good parts of NH or surrounding areas or what. If you were working there and wanted to live alone where would you live? A house share would be lovely, but I think that with my crazy job I may just want to come home to peace and quiet.
  8. Thanks! I'm really excited to live in London, it seems like it should be a very cool experience.
  9. Thanks! I'm sure as the time come closer (and once I get there) I will have a million questions.
  10. i hope you find a nice place, i dont know london that well outside of islington (my friends brother owns a great pub there). good luck.
  11. What's the pub called? If I'm ever there I will check it out!
  12. how fun. good luck. have a blast!
  13. I'm not living there, but that sounds like fun! Lucky to have so many people help you out :yes:
  14. You're moving to London! I've always wanted to live there for some reason! I hope you enjoy it!
  15. I love London. Have you thought about staying in Knightsbridge? Just a tube stop away from Harrod's ... I stayed there for a few weeks and I loved it.