Moving to a new city without a job offer - yea or nay?

  1. I'm thinking about moving to a big (also pretty expensive city) when the new year comes. As of right now I don't have a job offer. Would you go ahead and move anyway? It would sure be easier to apply to jobs from there than from where I am (very rural, faraway from any real cities.) Any words of advice? Should I sign just a short-term lease or a serviced apartment first? Just in case I want to live close to work?

  2. Nay! Too risky for me, sorry! :s

    If you do decide to go, I'd make sure you can find a place that will give you maybe a month-to-month lease, rather than having a year lease that you'll have a hard time getting out of. Also, be sure to have enough in savings to cover you for the time you're there + then some.
  3. I guess it depends on your situation in life. If you are single and are looking to rent when you get there, I say go for it. If you are married or have children, I wouldn't do it.
  4. I guess it really depends on what city and what shape the old savings account was in! :yes:
  5. Single, smooching off parents - limitless in theory... but definitely don't want to smooch more than just necessary. Recently graduated from good school... no full-time work experience to speak of. What work experience I have had so far is in an industry that I want to get away from right now. Starting anew is kind of hard!
  6. Depends on how much homework you've done for the city you're considering moving to. What are the rents like compared to the salaries you could potentially get for your line of work? What about other costs of living such as parking, subway, cabs, other transportation...things that are de rigueur in a big city but maybe not something you would be used to paying for in a more rural area?

    Do you have a few contacts/phone interviews under your belt so far? Some companies may have relocation packages but quite a few do not. That's a good conversation to have further down the interview process.

    If you are single/no kids that would be a big advantage and if you're gonna do it, now's the time. If you're in a relationship and/or have children that is a whole new set of issues you and your SO/kids need to decide on whether you take the plunge.
  7. IMO, if you have your parents to back you up, DO IT. Take the risk bc have back up!!

    Now if u didn't have a backup, thats a diff story.

  8. just an fyi that it is much more difficult to get an apartment without a job.

    luckily for my friend, she had a place to stay when she moved to nyc, but she didn't find a job for a few months.

    i think job first, move second.
  9. It all depends on your finances. If you have enough money to live off for a while, go for it. If not, it would make it a lot harder. I say no if you don't have back up resources. I moved to a completely different country with no job or offers. I did however have funds to live off of. It worked out for me, because I wasn't in any type of hurry to work, as travel was my main focus. Good luck to you!
  10. "I think job first, move second"-> I agree with that. I know it may seem exciting to pack up and start a new life in a big city, but life is often harsher than we'd like it to be.
  11. If you have your parents to back you up and have some idea how you're going to hit the ground running (search for a job and apartment), I'd say go for it. It sounds like you want something different from what you went to school for too. That could be a bit of a challenge.
    I'm not sure how rural your rural is -- how far away from a "big" city and which one are we talking about? If it's NY, it's darn cold in the early New Year and that's something to think about -- I'll never forget slogging through one of the regions worst snow storms for a job interview in my early days.
    Do you know anyone where you want to go - even an acquaintance?
    All these things add up.
  12. I would do it, who knows what oppertunities are out there ?...even if its just experience, you could learn alot and new settings will be good for you. :smile: have fun !
  13. Still pretty split about it. I have a few people I know but nothing solid. I guess maybe I'll get there and network further. It's pretty good for the industry I want to get into... I think, at least. By the way I've lived there before so that makes it a little bit easier... albeit that was a Long time ago.
  14. While the rational side of me says to find a job first, I'm going to be doing the same thing you want to do later on this year. I've been waiting for several years to move and every time a job possibility in the new city comes up, it's at a time when I can't leave my current job or I've just re-signed my lease where I am. So when my lease is up this year, I'm moving even if I don't have a new job yet. Like you, my industry is the type where it will be MUCH easier to find a job once I'm in the city.

    Sometimes you have to take chances, force yourself to be risky and bold. I think if you have the finances to live off savings for a bit, do it!!
  15. If you have your parents to back you up, just do it. Otherwise you will always look back and regret it. Even if things do not work out, it will be a good learning experience and teach you how tough you can be.