Moving to a new city (LA) / PR

  1. Hey y'all! I'm going to be moving to Los Angeles in a couple of months!!! I am sooo excited. So for those who live there, can anyone suggest some nice apartment buildings. I've looked all over and I haven't had any luck.

    I really like West hollywood, Miracle Mile, Hancock park, Mid wilshire, Park la brea area.

    Any reccomendations would be great!!!

    And talk about your experiences moving to a different city and or working in the PR/entertainment industry. I'm going to be going to school for PR. I'm excited! Hopefully I can get a good internship!! Any tips would be great.


    oh and sorry one more question. does anyone know how much the discount is if you work at a Chanel Store or Marc Jacobs store? And if you work at a department store (Nordstrom, Saks, NM), do you get the same discount on designer bags as you do on everything else? Or can you not use your discount on certain brands?