Moving to a big city...need bag recs please

  1. Hey all - i'm moving to a big pedestrian city in a week or two, and I need recommendations for big bags so I can carry around all the stuff I need (no car for a while). I will on occasion have a textbook and/or laptop with me, so if a bag can fit these things in there that would be great, but even just big bags for days when i'm not at class would be great. Thanks!

  2. The LAMB Grantham tote is a good size as well as stylish (in my opinion). If you want something milder you could always go with the Longchamp Le Pilage. I've read that the LV Neverfull line is also popular.
  3. I live in a big pedistrian city, my daily bags are LV batignolles horizontal and Gucci Jolicoeur tote