moving stinks

  1. Here's the story. My husband and I decided we're ready to buy a new home (we decided this 2 months ago) and his parents offered us an offer we couldn't refuse. They told us that if we sell the house we are living in now (the market is really bad here now it took our neighbors 9 months to sell), they will sell us their house for what they owe ($80,000 :nuts:). In that particular neighborhood the home go for 5 times that!

    Well we ran into a problem, our house sold faster than we thought it ever would and now we have to wait for his parents to find their own places (they're going their seperate ways) and to finalize on their divorce. Unfortunatly we have to move out on Tuesday into a 2 bedroom apartment. I have been packing and let me tell you, I :censor: HATE MOVING! You never realize how much crap you have until you move. I guess on the bright side it wont be that bad because the complex has an indoor/outdoor pool, awesome gym, and it's a mile away from two malls :graucho:

    PS: I wont have internet connection for a month or two so I'll miss you guys! I'll have PF withdrawls!
  2. Congratulations Allison! It will all be worth it in the long run. We've moved about 6 times in the last 15 years, and I agree packing is no fun. But on the brightside, at least you can go through everything and get rid of the things you don't need/want. We'll miss you while you're not "connected". Good luck!!
  3. Moving does stink, but what a sweet offer on behalf of the in-laws! Enjoy your new home, and come back once you're finally moved in to it!
  4. i totally agree regarding moving stinks.. its such a hassle to box everything up.. make sure that all the fragile items r well protected... have tons of boxes on your house..... then still wanting to use something but u have already boxed it n then once u get to the place, open the boxes n place things away... gosh, i am totally hating the whole idea of boxing my stuff again (but then again, I have like 10 boxes I never opened from my move here from WA) and now, in 5-6 weeks, I am moving back to Washington again........ moving is such a pain but once u get to see ur belongings again, then u smile....

    by the way, congrats on selling ur house... n good luck on your new home...
  5. congratulations on your fast sale!! i know timing wise it isn't perfect but it's better than waiting 9 months hoping for a sale. i hear you about packing.. when i moved into my first house several years back packing was awful!! you really don't add it up over the years how much random stuff takes refuge in your home..haha good luck with everything and at least your temporary new place sounds good!!
  6. MOVING SUCKS! LOL I just moved over a week ago...and it sucks!!! Everything about it....movers, packing, utility set-up, furniture ordering, etc. I hate it!
    We will really miss you while you are unconnected....maybe you can check in every now and then from a friend's place or work :smile:
    Good got a great deal, and that makes moving worth it sometimes!
  7. I hear ya sista! I does suck, I've done it so many times (husband was an officer in the Army, so alot of job changes and moves). He just got promoted and we will move again (we need to anyway with the 4th baby on the way).

    Good luck with your move and your withdrawals!!!
  8. ^^^Borsabella, a new baby? Congrats!!

    Good luck with the move, allison, sorry it's such a hassle. Hope to see you on PF again soon!
  9. Thanks! Non stop action around here! :smile: My oldest is going into Kindergarten, crazy!!!!

    Allison, this too shall pass!
  10. allison, i know exactly how you feel. We've only just bought a new place, and let me tell you, my fiance and i have made at least 3 trips to the rubbish tip just because of all the crap we had. And 2 weeks later, i'm still trying to finish unpacking all our stuff. And to make matters worse, the removalists dropped our fridge :cry: so we were living on takeaway for a whole week until we finally had some spare time to go shopping for a new fridge on the weekend... and i'm back on this louzy dial up internet connection because our cable won't be switched on for another 2 weeks...

    In a few weeks, once all of this is over you and your husband will be the owners of your own home :smile: It will all be worth it...
  11. Yeah, packing is a pain! But your temporary place sounds nice, gym and all, not to mention malls nearby... And the deal for your new house is great, how sweet of them. I guess you will love it when you are finally there, and it never hurts to go through your stuff and throw away things once in a while.

    Good luck and enjoy your new home, the moving in part is fun!
  12. Aww... moving does stink. But congrats on your upcoming new place!! And it's great that your house sold faster than expected. Everything will settle down eventually and then you and your hubby can enjoy your brand new house!
  13. I HATE moving too! Packing stuff is such a pain! I would never move if I can. Good luck with everything!!!
  14. Congrats! Thats an awesome deal. Moving does suck..
  15. Moving is such a pain, I am going through all that BS right now :rolleyes: But, it sounds like it will be worth it in the end for you :smile: Good luck!