Moving, Should I Keep or Throw Away Chanel Boxes?

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  1. Hi guys! I'm moving soon and have kept many of my Chanel (and other luxury brands') boxes but now I am thinking I should perhaps throw them away to make more room. What do you think? Is it worth it to keep these boxes, or are they just clogging up my limited and precious storage space?
  2. i threw those that are the non-structured boxes (i.e you can collapse them and lay them flat). Perhaps you can use some of them for storage? I.e. i have a huge LV box that i keep some of my throw blankets in
  3. If you don't plan to sell your bags, I imagine you don't need to keep the boxes. But you could also sell the boxes by themselves (just saw an offer of $100 for a Jumbo box, for instance.)

    I think storage mentioned above is a great idea, also.
  4. keep them, or me :smile:
  5. I can take them off your hands if you decide to throw them away.
  6. Could you use them for storage purposes? That way, you still get to keep them, but they're not taking up extra room.
  7. Definitely keep those boxes! If you decide to sell your bags in the future, it is added bonus to the buyer to receive them.
  8. +1 I would absolutely keep them. You just never know what the future holds and I really want the Chanel box if I'm buying on the Secondary Market.

    Hope you can find room to keep them! Good luck.
  9. I agree! Definitely keep them. :smile:

  10. I doubt I can use them for storage but we'll see. Maybe I can stack smaller boxes within boxes.

  11. Seriously?!! Someone is selling a Chanel box for $100? That's nuts!

  12. Ha ha, ok I'll keep you guys in mind if I decide to throw them away.

  13. I never really thought about selling them but I guess you are right about never knowing if you'll need to (hopefully I won't ever have to, I am attached to my Chanel bags like they are additional appendages lol).
  14. No, someone is/was offering. $100 or less for a Chanel Jumbo box.
  15. I am moving soon too. Will keep all the boxes.