Moving on...What's Coming Next...

  1. So...Miroir has come and gone....what is the next major release date that we're all salivating for????

    July 15th is black denim (I think)....anyone waiting for that? Or something else in July/August?
  2. The next bag I am interested in doesn't come out until November: The Monogram Berkeley PM.

    I have simple desires.
  3. I've heard that Berkeley is coming in that is what I am awaiting.......

    But wait- Miroir has not even come for me..... or gone :graucho:

    lol~ It was an overwhelming experience on here with the Miroir!
  4. I can't wait to see the Lockit in Epi! I really would love it in black, I think it would make a great Fall bag.
    I also am waiting to see the black denim, does anyone know if the Baggy PM is going to be available in the black denim or is it only new styles of bags?
  5. NOOO! Miroir has not come yet for me!!! LOL! soooo not over yet! lol

    okie, joking... well next on my list is a Suhali bag... but I'm MAJORLY SALIVATING for the MONOGRAM MOTARD BIKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man... this bag is like making me go back to my BOY-CRAZY days! LOL! and ya, that name.... biker.... hmmm... ahhh.... :drool: (I have a thing for bad boys LOL!!!)
  6. LOL Cece!!!!

    Jane: Good point about Berkeley! I can't wait to see how 'Stephen-ish' it is. This may be the only Azur bag that I add to my wishlist!
  7. My SA showed me the picture of the Berkeley in Monogram this weekend in the Binder... if I like it in person I think it will probably replace my Speedy -- the zipper opening seems to allow for much easier access. And I think the PM size is smaller than the one in the attached photo.

  8. That bag is gorgeous! I would love to see it in a slightly smaller version. This is going to also come in mono?? THAT might be what I will be after next.;)
  9. I'm thinking about the Motard..

    The one that looks like Pochette, but someone said it's not Pochette..

    Ps. I still havn't received my Lockit yet.....:s

  10. I really want a MC pegase, there was a rumor might be coming out in Sept. if so, I want it in black and white.
  11. What's the retail of this beauty?

  12. Wait.....the Berkley is going to come out in monogram too? Does anyone know for sure? :confused1:
  13. Not sure. Nothing for me, I'm still stuck on the Amarante vernis since my parents gave me the Pegase they bought for me while I was in Vegas!
  14. I definitely saw that bag (Berkeley) in Mono in the Binder on Saturday. In two sizes. Out in November, around $850 for the PM. I remember the buckled straps and the "boston" style shape.
  15. I like that bag as well.