Moving On and Up...But Will Always Be in LVOE

  1. Well ladies and gents...I did it!

    I sold my entire collection of accessories and bags....I only kept the following:
    MC speedy (this was what drew me into LV and I freaking love this bag)

    Monogram Stephen (Ummm way...only pry this out of my cold dead hands)

    Batignolles Vertical (this is still debatable...the Hampstead would probably serve me better because it is all this might go to)

    Cherry Blossom papillon (GOSH I LOVE this bag! I just bought it a couple months the novelty hasn't worn off!)

    And I'm debating on keeping my Damier papillon...but if I get the Hampstead then it can go!

    I kept some accessories as well: mini lin cles, wallet, makeup pochette, multicles rabats, all my bandeaus (except my groom), agenda, MC fleurs keyholder...everything else is gone...I even sold books and catalogs.

    I did a tally/inventory...I owned 33 pieces of LV totally 21000......well...that'll buy ALOT of Balenciaga! HEEHEE!

    My first Chloe paddington is on its way too!

    But never fear....I am an LV girl at heart! I am probably going to buy the Neo Cabby...and hubby is only allowed to buy me LV (because I wouldn't trust him to get the right color, etc. for Bbags) I'll have him buying stuff on special occasions!

    I will still be a heavy presence over here...and still running RAOK! I;ve just received a bunch of PMs in the last 24 hours...and I wanted y'all to know!

    Now the WHY???

    I just got bored.....with my collection....I'm tired of trying to keep up all the time. In just over 1 year I spent 21000 on LV (yea not lot for some people...but cmon peeps..that's like more than a Mini Cooper) and had bags stahsed away that hadn't ever been used! I am just not at a position in my life where I can spend that kind of money to use something once and then let it sit.
    I'm also not a collector...I am a user...and I wasn't using so it had to go!
    I'm also a tad peeved at LV....I am getting sick of paying 2K for a canvas bag....yea OK they'll last forever, they hold their value yada yada yada....but the fact remains: 2K for a canvas bag!
    I'm also overwhelmed by the number of stuff coming personality is one where I want everything and I want it NOW! So I need to step back and reevaluate.....I need a brand where they don't overload me!!!

    I'm sorry y'all...I LOVE you all and I'm still here!!!!!
  2. Are you still buying your Stratus pm or nimbus? I can understand, at least you kepth the bags that make you happy. Be careful though those b bags can be addicting as well and soon you will want one of every color. :p
  3. Oh and I'm still doing Tuesdays with Twiggers LOLOL
  4. I'm pretty sure I won't be doing the Stratus anymore....maybe the Nimbus later this fall!
  5. twiggers :crybaby:

    youre leaving us :crybaby:


    i guess ill see ya in the balenciaga forum!
  6. I'm sure you made a right decision and I'm happy for ya
    I've enjoyed your limited edition thread as well as tue and many others
    don't make us miss you much..pls do keep in touch :heart:
  7. naaaa...not leaving...just diversifying (heehee I sound like a stock exchange banker person)!
  8. wow! you sold it ALL?!??! that was quick! congrats twigs! you must feel like a new person! lol
  9. we can be Balenciaga newbies together :biggrin:
  10. awww y'all are gonna make me cry! Not leaving....still here....just not crazy obsessed twiggers anymore!
  11. Good for you! I'm glad that you did what you felt was best.
  12. Well...some has sold...others are listed and will be shortly!
  13. woohooo you too girlie?? yippee! There are a TON of us LV boardies over there!
  14. ive already gotten a wallet...

    im thinkin 13th birthday- Balenciaga first...

    sorry.....going off topic :sweatdrop:
  15. OMG !!!!!!
    Twiggers, I'm in TOTAL SHOCK !!
    I'm glad you were able to scale down your collection....I know what you mean about having bags sitting in the closet. I too, tire very easily of my bags....the plus side is that with LV, the resale is excellent, as compared with other brands, if you keep them in pristine condition.
    No offense.....but I say you're back with a wishlist when the 2008 Spring/Summer goodies are out !!!!!!! It truly is a very, VERY VERY bad addiction.....