Moving on after a breakup?

  1. How long do you think it's "appropriate" to start dating someone after a breakup?

    Doesn't a week after a 2 1/2 year relationship seem really short? It just seems so disrespectful.

    What do you think?
  2. I would consider that disrepectful. It seems that the whole 2 1/2 years were wasted, if one can find someone else so quickly.:biggrin:
  3. Personally, I think it depends on the comfort level of that person. Whenever she feels that she is emotionally ready, she should start dating again, regardless of what the ex thinks. You're living for yourself, not for others, and certainly NOT for the ex! :yes:

    I'll have to respectfully disagree with Lila, if that person feels like she has already wasted 2 1/2 years, why waste more time than that? :smile:

  4. I agree but I do believe that you need some time to heal and find yourself again....I am not sure that 2 weeks is an adequate time period for self realization, healing and renewal....
  5. There's no set time... just whenever you are over your previous partner. If the relationship were on the rocks for a while, then it probably doesnt take that long to move on.
  6. I think it depends on the intensity of the relationship, how good/bad the breakup was, one's emotional health at the time of the breakup, etc. There isn't a set time limit like a 30 day store return policy.
  7. at least several months.. n this is out of respect for the person who left or whom you have left (assuming they treated you well), yourself, and the new person you would like to date.. i think its better to not go find someone to date just coz you are feeling sad and lonely and do not want to be alone.. but better to date when you are ready to spend that quality time with someone else..
  8. Thank you for the responses.

    It's not me who started dating so soon after the breakup. I wanted to keep the wording neutral because I didn't want anyone to make any assumptions.

    What he said was that the reason he started dating so soon was because it was the only way we'd stay broken up, or else we would get back together again.

    I broke up with him ... but was shocked that he started dating so soon. I met her last week when I visited him, but they weren't dating at the time. Two days after I left, they were dating.
  9. It depends.

    and honestly, no matter what I think it always hurts when the other person moves on.

    I got broken up with, and after being treated terribly post break-up, I moved on and became involved in a situation around a month after my relationship ended.

    MY ex then proceeded to go out with a girl who I always was very suspiscious of while I was dating him.

    They're still together, and honestly it still really hurts.

    Still honey, I hope that you deal well with the situation, and realize that you broke up with him for a reason.:heart: I hope you're doing ok!
  10. It depends on how you parted and why you parted. Perhaps he moved on specifically to forget you, if there was no indication that he was seeing her before.

    Once, I got dumped and got treated really badly by him and his (previously our) friends. I moved on pretty quickly because I realised what a horrible bastard he was. Felt like I had wasted over six months of my life with someone who never loved me, just used me to feel better about himself. That really cut. So I had to move on with my life and looking back on it, I'm really glad I did because I found new friends and had a great time.

    Rebound, anyone?

    Hang in there, Sonya, it's a hard time for you but it'll get better.
  11. I would be hurt because a week is really quick! Maybe its a rebound? Or hes trying to fill a voild in his life. Whatever it is, don't let it get to you. Life your life to the fullest and enjoy your singlehood perks. Hang it there girl! All the best, I'm sure you'll be fine in no time! *Hug* :winkiss:
  12. its def. rebound he said it himself by saying you would end up back together.

    But in any case i have to say that i have heard if you were in an intense relationship etc. it takes half the time you went out with someone to get over them. i have a few friends that were going through breakups and they say ya its about that long before it stops hurting. they did date though in that time but it took that long to srto of not be so hurt or heart beat when u see him etc.
  13. I have noticed around me when there is a break up/divorce, no matter what age is the couple, it usually takes max. 2 months for the man to find someone else, and 2 years for the woman to think about things.....
    That hurts but I guess that´s the way men and women are.....
    Because a man(or a woman) already found someone to date it doesn´t mean they moved on to the next relationship mentally....there is huge risk he´ll talk about his ex over and over again to that new found one. And will heal while being with that new person. Just my thoughts.
  14. I think its a guy thing to do. Actually on of my co-workers at my last job was a guy and right after I had a really painful breakup he was like 'start dating, immediately!' It was something that I had never done before, but I tried it and actually for me it did really help. (I was the one broken up with so maybe your ex is doing the same thing). I mean honestly when someone breaks up with you its not like you're acting or not acting out of respect, you're hurt and disappointed and trying to feel better.
  15. If you broke up with him, it's not for you to care. You need to let it go, we can't decide for others how long anything should be. The important thing is you have decided he wasn't right for you and this just proves it. Trust yourself girl and move on. I hope your excited about the new love that will come, first kiss, everything that is good will come to you. Be patient.