Moving my LV overseas

  1. Well I feel a little sad at the minuite, having left 2 of my bags with my mum last week in the UK.

    I wont be reunited for just under 3 weeks and am missing my riveting pouchette.

    I am moving back to the Uk on the 18th of June and having a nightmare figuring out how I am going to get all my bags home (have got alot more since living here).

    There is NO way I can put them on the ship with my furniture, imagine if they got damaged:wtf:, the worst to transport is going to be the azur pamp which I confess I have never taken out of box except to photograph.

    Might just have to cough up for some extra baggage but even then not sure if I would be allowed extra hand luggage and deffo not putting my entire collection in the hold.

    Has anyone ever had to do this?
  2. i would suggest shipping them back one by one...with insurance, global priority shipping etc...or pack them in your suitcase and then box your clothes for them to be shipped!

  3. hmm might do the shipping one by one, any idea on import taxes? would I have to pay those?
  4. You can FedEX them to the UK. Make sure to insure them.
  5. You can get extra carry-on luggage, you just have to pay extra and it can't exceed a certain weight.

  6. Srgh thank you jellybebe I did wonder.

    Of course I will do the normal things like the kids all carry one hehe butn just dont want to let them out of my sight!

    When we moved here out container had a small leak in it and sea water got onto our stuff so deffo cant take that risk as some are no longer available to buy.

    Will look into more hand luggage.

    Thank you xx
  7. I guess I was lucky when I moved back to the States.

    Nothing was harmed in our shipment.

    I do miss living in Europe though.

  8. We had water damage to alot of our wooden stuff that was all antique pine, very sad because although you get insurance you just cant replace these things.
  9. I took ALL of my handbags and put them into a carryon suitcase when I moved from the USA to Germany, that way I knew that they would be safe and that nobody would be able to steal them!

  10. I would do that too only prob is I have alot of bags and the pamp is huge in itself let alone all my others.

    When I moved here we put bags inside bags etc, the girls carried one each and I just about managed but living so close to the LV store plus you enablers means I have stacks more! hehe.
  11. Good luck! I am getting nervous for you just thinking about having to do this!!!!