Moving/Living in Las Vegas...

  1. Hey everyone! I just got a job offer in Las Vegas, I live in So. Cal, so I would have to relocate. I know there are quite a few tPF'ers that live there, and I just wanted to here your experiences living there. And if you relocated there from somewhere else, how did you adjust? I have been there many times and enjoyed my time there, but I never really imagined myself living there... Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA : )
  2. this is a thread I'd be interested in reading
  3. We spend alot of time in So Cal cause of DH's business. So I don't have that perspective to give you.
    We moved from middle America. I was so tired of the rain, sleet, hail, tornados, freezing, humid, you name it weather. Yes, it can be hotter than h#ll here! But its dry, makes a huge difference to me & what I can tolerate. You have wonderful weather in So Cal.
    We have great entertainment, shopping & dining. Lots of people are relocating here so its not hard to meet new people & make friends. But if you get sucked into gambling, you probably won't last here long.
    Whats bad about Vegas -
    1. School district stinks. And that probably won't change. We have a law about raising taxes & it needs to be voted on. Too many people make NV their main residence so they don't have to pay state taxes.
    2. Gotta watch who you do business with. Lots of people running scams, never seen anything like it. Get everything in writing. Handshakes or "giving your word" means nothing here. Just cause someone has a business doesn't mean its licensed or legal.
    3. Crazy drivers! Many people coming from somewhere else, bringing their little driving quirks they get away with somewhere else. For example, jay walking is common in smaller towns. You stop for people & let them across. Not here, its against the law. So if someone is killed when jaywalking, tough! They broke the law - driver not charged. This is especially dangerous on the strip.
    4. Sex is thrown in your face here. Live here awhile & you'll know what I mean. It's eveywhere.
    5. When you travel & talk to people, they think you live in a hotel on the strip! Just happened to us when we were in Paris. Do people asks you if you live at Disneyland? Makes as much sense.
    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need phone numbers etc.
  4. Well, people either love it or hate it.

    Pros: Weather is great even though it's deadly in the summer. At least we dont get tornados, hurricanes, snow etc.. It's great living in a 24 hr city. You can have a meal at 1am & go grocery shopping at 3am etc. Lots of nightlife-Just sucks everything is in smokey casinos. I personally dont like to be near the strip unless it's to go the fashionshow mall or one of the other casino malls.

    Cons: Too many to list. Lots of traffic due to road construction & terrible drivers make it even worse, high crime, below average school system, large transient population. People are always coming or going & this makes it hard to make/keep friends (Along with varied work shifts people have).

    As far as areas to live in Summerlin & Green Valley are the best. East/NE sides of town are old & very run down-ick. VLL is right in that if you think you can come here & gamble, hang out in casinos every night etc. you wont make it & might as well not bother moving here. Locals avoid the strip unless they work in a casino or an occasional night out.

    As long as a persons expectations are realistic this place is just as livable as anywhere else :tup:
  5. Thanks for all your input so far. The job I was offered is actually inside one of the casinos, so I will not be able to avoid the strip. I am concerned with differentiating between the good and bad areas to live...
  6. I worked at the Venetian for 6 years :yes:

    Are you going to rent, or buy a home? Have you checked out any neighborhoods yet? Either way I would go through a realtor. There are so many people with homes they cant afford & need a tenant. You will probably get a better deal than renting an apartment.
  7. DlkinVegas: Wow, the Venetian for 6 years, how did you like it? If you don't mind, what did you do there? Yes, we were thinking about renting a home. I'm actually going there this week, to start looking at different areas and places.
  8. i wouldn't move there if i had children.

    for business reasons my family kept a residence there, although they had a very lovely home...i would never choose to live there on a permanent basis.

    you have to watch your back almost everywhere, and i am not used to that from where i live. you have to have a certain personality to make it work for you, and i just don't have that edge.