Moving into smaller bag, anyone else have trouble?

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  1. Hi All. I was given the Kipling Gene as a gift. It's a tad smaller than what I'm used to but I know I can make it work if I cut down on stuff carried etc. Any suggestions to ease my mind? I am claustrophobic by the way!
  2. I move from small to medium to large to huge all the time. My agenda is a bit of a problem, it's too big to fit in my small bags so those bags are just for short outings.
    I lug a heap of stuff with me, and one of the best ways to cut back is makeup. For a huge bag, I might take a little extra with me. For medium bags, I take a slim Longchamp Le Pliage pouch and for small, I take only a lip liner, lip balm/gloss and lipstick. One of each. Another easy one is unnecessary items like sunnies for the evening (or long days at work when I leave before sunrise and return after sunset), large water bottle, scarf for warm days...

    If there's one thing I hate, it's a bag that's stuffed full and the mess it inevitably turns into, so tend to go for a size larger that I actually need.
  3. When I move from a big bag to a small bag I put them side by side then start transferring in order of importance. So my wallet and my phone and backup battery go in first. My make up bag doesn't contain lots but is bulky in itself. I take out the make up items and put them directly into the smaller bag, this seems to save lots of space. I carry on doing this with items until I have enough in the small bag. It's funny though, when I look at the items left over from my bigger bag I often find I never needed them. I just put these in a drawer until I switch to a bigger bag again.
  4. I also leave out the make up, only using lipstick and a compact. I take out all of the things I have in my bag 'just in case' like my flashlight and a magnifying glass I carry around for some reason. Also I change wallets, since some I have are bulkier than others. I leave all the extra stuff in the bigger bag. There's really only a few things I really NEED, ID, phone, and keys. Reading this I can't believe how many things I carry around that I never use!
  5. I usually carry shoulder bags, but also love small crossbody bags when I have neck and shoulder pain. When I switch from big to small I usually take out cash and cards from the wallet and put into the inner zipper compartment along with my keys, and then in the main compartment put my phone, lipsticks, handcream, and mp3 player.

    I find that when I carry large bags I tend to stuff a lot of useless items (receipts!!) in there and just leave it there, so overtime it becomes a huge unorganized mess in there. It is easier to be more organized with smaller bags for sure.
  6. I've been using my cross-body YSL monogram bag in the last two weeks. It's really not that difficult. I only carry my cards holder, a lipstick/gloss and a powder inside of the bag. I'd carry my keys in my pocket. At work, I leave what I usually need during the day such as hand cream and pocket tissue.
  7. I'm the opposite. I always have a hard time moving into much larger bags. I have a large Longchamp and it's not even full. I'm more of a small bag girl and I carry just my wallet, sunglasses, large phone, and keys. If I needed to bring more items (like travel-sized lotions and chapstick) I'll put them in a separate makeup bag and just leave it in the car.

    My mom used to be in the same situation as the OP. She carried large bags her whole life. I was able to convince her to change into smaller purses by telling her to bring just the essentials - CCs, cash, phone, travel cosmetics and keys. Now I always see her use small purses the size of a Chanel WOC and LV Eva whenever she goes to work and shopping. Try to buy a small purse and fit just what you need - things you mostly reach for on a day-to-day basis - and leave things you don't need at home and see if it works for you. Good luck!
  8. Thanks gals for all the responses! Appreciate it!
  9. The first thing I got rid of was my big wallet. I didn't need it and didn't use half of the space in it. Now, I have an MK card case that holds everything I need. I have a separate coin case and a cosmetic bag that holds odds and ends. I clean out my bag every single day because I hate paper and clutter. That is the kiss of death for a small bag.