Moving in a week - packed all my bags except...

  1. We're moving next Monday and so last week I packed up all my bags. They all fit in two big Rubbermaid bins (which really surprised me because I have a LOT of bags :p).

    But of course I had the problem of which ones to leave out to use in the weeks before moving. Which did I pick?

    1) Black leather Ali
    2) Denim signature stripe swingpack

    I realized that those two pretty much cover all of my needs.

    The Ali works for the office (to carry my lunch, etc), as an everyday bag, and as a bag for when I've got my son out shopping or whatever and need to carry his stuff.

    The swingpack works for everything else (walking the dog, going to the park/beach, etc.), and I'll use it for the huge long drive (about 3 and a half days).

    Anyway, I thought you'd all be interested to know which bags I ended up deeming essential.

    What would you choose if you had to pack things up for the next couple of weeks? (not permanently! - that's been covered before and it's also just too depressing a thought :graucho:).
  2. My Mandy (fits all) & my Legacy shoulder flap.
  3. here here on keeping out black leather Ali! And probably my b&w sig chelsea satchel.
  4. I would keep out my Carly, khaki/Camel sig, it's not too big or too small and my Khaki Sig Business tote to carry my laptop and other nessecities.

    If it were closer to the holidays, I would have to substitute one of them for my Rose Legacy flap or White Legacy Sm Hobo to wear for holiday parties.
  5. This is funny because I just made this decision as I am also moving next week (but not until next Thursday) from Alaska down to California. I kept out my chocolate large Carly and my punch sig stripe swingpack for the move. My Carly will hold most of the stuff that I want to keep with me and the swingpack will hold all of my essentials. Good luck with your move!
  6. WELL GOSH, I would just pack up every Ali into a rubbermaid and keep it next to me!
  7. when i had to pack up to move home for a few weeks i packed up everything but my choc carly and my lg sig stripe tote--i used the tote to carry books and the carly as a purse on the drive home!
  8. Here's an early welcome to Cali! :beach: Which part/area?
  9. Oh yeah, my answer - I'd probably keep out a shoulder tote to cram everything into, and a wristlet or two for quick errands.
  10. Gosh, hard decision! I change my bag everyday! I think that my white pleated hobo and my teal medium carry all.
  11. Thanks! We're practically trading places - I'm heading from Vancouver to the Yukon. I'm excited but also sad that the nearest Coach is a three-day drive :wtf:. Oh well, it'll be better for my bank account. There's nowhere in Alaska that sells Coach, is there?

    Good luck with your move, lvdreamer!
  12. 3 days? Wow....good luck with your move!!

    If I had to choose I think I would keep my choc carly and my black ali out....that way I have both black and brown covered and they're big enough to hold everything!
  13. I too will be moving this week. My company is transfering me...I'm so happy to be leaving Las Vegas. Heading to Vancouver WA. I can't wait. I packed everything but my pebbled shoulder bag and my LV speedy. I also have 5 purses that will go with me in my car the rest will also be in a moving truck in big tubs. I worry but the truck will have my padlock on it so no one not even the driver can get in. Good luck to all of us on our moves
  14. Thanks SpoiledRotten22 and sndc99!

    Good luck to you, too, sndc99. I wanted to put all my purses in the car with me instead of the moving truck but I think my husband would've thought I'd lost my mind! He's driving the truck, though, since we're not using a moving company so at least they'll be right in front of me on the highway the whole time :p.
  15. Thanks! I'm moving (back) to Sacramento. I was only up here in Alaska for a year for a job.