MOVING in 2 weeks...going out of my mind!!!

  1. Hello all!!! I just need to vent!!!

    I am moving into a new place with my boyfriend and we have 2 weeks and i am going crazy!!!! I feel like we pack and pack and move stuff over every day but when we go back to our apt we are still at i feel like we havnt moved anything! We are renting a uhal not this weekend but the following for all the large furniture but i just hope i can get all this done in 2 weeks!!!

    has anyone else been through this!!!!!!!

    Thanks for listening!!!!!
  2. LOL totally hear you Courtney... i am so bad at packing....

    i hate moving and packing....

    i know what you're going through!!!

    it's also a good time to clear and throw stuff out!! =)

    just hang in there. keep wrapping packing and moving it over... eventually, everything will be moved =)
  3. Ack, I can't even imagine moving & packing myself. We were lucky since my dad was in the military and we always had movers. If you put your mind to it, you can do it!! And just think, this is also a great way to get rid of all the junk you have laying around the house that you want to throw away!
  4. oh God, i hate packing too :p
    i will do that soon in september and i already can imagine what i'll go through LOL

    2 weeks is enough i think... just start slowly from each place, like kitchen first, living room, and then bed room. once the small stuffs all packed, it would be easy :p
  5. Seahorse... i tell ya, it's never too early to start. LOL

    you moving apartments/house too?
  6. I agree w/seahorse - go at it one room at a time and it goes much more smoothly! You will get through this. Moving is sooooo hard! Good luck! Focus on how much you love your new place and that will help, too!
  7. thanks soooo much!!!!

    i started packing all the small stuff so thats out of the way...and all the stuff we dont need for the next too weeks!

    and i have definatly been getting rid of stuff....i figured if i havnt used it in a year toss it...i have even found stuff i didnt know we had and its stuff we wont use!!!

    one room at a time!!!!!
  8. I know exactly what you mean because I've been there recently :yes:
    I moved in with my boyfriend about four months ago and it was really crazy!! I think two weeks is enough time for moving so please try not to worry much.
    Of course after the move comes unpacking and there are so many things to be done but just focus to the fact that soon it'll be over and then you'll have all the time to enjoy your new home :tup:
    Good luck!!!!
  9. thank you all so much again!!!! :yes:
  10. Ahhhhhhh, I'm moving in 3 weeks, so I completely feel your pain! We're moving from NJ to VA with two cars, 3 pets and a whole truck full of our stuff-I don't know how we're going to do it!!!!!

    Good luck on your move!
  11. oh my gosh!!!!! goooood luck!

    i have to say we are only moving honestly like 7 mins away....i cant imagine moving to another state!!!

    But like everyone is telling will get it done!!!!! Just take it room by room and day by day and it will get done!!!! I obviously need to take my own advice too!!!!

    I just try to every morning pack some stuff before work and then after work i try and get alot done!!!

  12. Are you in Doylestown, PA? If you are, we used Mambo Movers for our last move, and I have to say they were really inexpensive and super quick. When we priced it out, they were only a little more expensive than a moving truck would have been.
  13. really??? yeah i am in doylestown...did u have people move you or did u rent the truck and move.

    we looked into getting a large uhal and its like 40 dollars a day and ten $1.50 per mile??

  14. They moved us. It was $99 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Four guys show up and bring everything in and out of the truck for you. I think our total cost was $300 and we were moved in less than three hours. We had a ton of stuff too! The price includes truck & insurance as well. They also bring equipment to move the big stuff which saves a ton of time.

    They did such a great job, and were quick. They didn't waste time or "get lost" for a while to make more money. It was well worth it to not have to carry everything ourselves. All we did was clean up the old place while they were moving everything and stayed out of their way.

    That's their website:

    It was honestly worth every penny.
  15. i just called them...and they are BOOKED!!!!! they said summer time is crazy for them and they are all booked up for next weekend...and he quoted about $99 per hour. (haha i just read your post we must have posted at the same time)

    Im so sad i wish they werent booked!