Moving Houston Hermes

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  1. PBC, Mjones, Pazt,

    In the "charlotte store opening" thread, I had mentioned my dream of the the houston store enlarging. I saw that PBC and MLJONES mentioned that it will be enlarging and/or moving. I was just wanting some scoop about location when this might happen. I think this will bew such fun for us in the Houston area.

    I love having store openings to anticipate
  2. I had wondered about the Houston Hermes moving. The location was amazing when they moved in, but all their great neighbors have bailed. I get the creeps walking into the center they're attached to, so I've been buying most of my scarves at NM, so I don't have to go near the depressing old shopping center.

    Any H-town Hermes fanatics with good scoop?
  3. I agree, the shopping center it is located in is completely abandoned. I wonder where it is moving to?
  4. I've been pondering that. The Galleria is an obvious guess. Louis Tenenbaum is moving out and moving to the area around Pratesi.

    I suppose Uptown Park might be an option?

    RO Shopping Center is not a good option, I think.

    I['m really curious
  5. word in town is that they're moving to the highland village where gap is now. gap apparently is moving somewhere in that same shopping area. a big jewelry store is also opening in the highland village - supposedly an upscale brand like cartier or bvlgari. we'll see if all this talk is true!
  6. Of course, Pazt.

    That would make perfect sense.

    It will be much easier to get to them there than in the Galleria.

    Cool info. Thanks!
  7. YAY!!! That's a much better location, but Gap isn't that big... wondering if they're gonna build up???? I like it better than the Galleria bc it's not so congested! But yes WE should definitely ALL get together for the store opening, when it happens!!!
  8. I'm so there.
  9. my SA did mention that the new store will be 3x the size that it is now. but yes, i know what u all mean about going to the store now in that abandoned building. so odd considering it's a prime location too.
  10. maybe the property is so expensive to own now, no business really wants to be there... Anyways, any word on the time frame this is going to happen? I would not miss the new store opening for the world, and it'll be really nice to see all my H-town girls again :smile:
  11. the location where H is at right now was bought out a big local developer and would soon tear down that whole shopping area including Eatzi's. supposedly they will transform that strip to an upscale shopping area channeling Rodeo Drive in BH. but who knows when will that'll be years probably. in the meantime, tenants are asked to find other spaces before the actual tear down occurs.
  12. ^^^ WOW! that is one HUGE project!!! (waving....HI MAMA PAZ!!!!)
  13. Wow!!! That sounds soooo cool!! But wouldn't Hermes fit right into that "rodeo drive" concept??? So I'm wondering if the Hermes location moving to the Gap in HV is again temporary????
  14. hey I would totally go for it, if they move first, temporarily (one store-opening) and then move back to this location later (a second store opening!)
  15. LOL!!! More reasons for L to come and visit us here in H-town!!!!