Moving Handbag Collection

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  1. We are going to be moving to another state and I have just started to think about transporting my handbag collection. It will be a two day drive. Would you try to bring the bags with you in your vehicle, or send with the moving company? I am thinking of taking them with me but of course we also have large dogs along with other things I would want to take in the car, like jewelry. What have you done or would recommend?
  2. How big is the car? How much space is there? How many bags are we talking about? How much space will that take up? How will you package them? This is a tough one.

    If everything goes fine, sending them along would be oke. That is what they do. If things go wrong, how bad would that be?

    Maybe pick some of your most precious bags and take them with you and send of the rest? If that even is an option.
  3. how much room would the bags take up? personally, i am bringing all bags and all jewlery in the car with me, but i do not have a huge collection. my shoe collection is much larger and is going in the storage pod. my shoes are not designer though, and i think that factored into my decision.