Moving from the "in between stage" to the beautiful patina stage for box

  1. Other wearing your box with care and often, is there any special hints to moving from that sort of inbetween, see the scratches phase to the gorgeous mirror patina phase? I have a beautiful box hac that just returned from spa. Even though it just got back, it still has slight but noticable scuffs and scratches.... any advice? for example after I wear it for the day, should I buff the whole thing with a soft cloth?
  2. RC...I don't know.....saying this first, because I have not had box calf long enough to really be able to speak with any experience about years of patina. But, I understand this part of the aging process...I think it could almost be called box calf middle age.....although it's not quite that's close and in box, it can be an awkward period.

    But.....I would play with it a bit if it were mine. It would be hard for me NOT to anyway, 'cause box is sooo fabulous to touch. It's so tactile. I would take some Hermes leather cream and lightly... gently work it into the leather. Play with it over the weeks and months on occasion. I used to do this with my little mini Kelly. She was around 15 when I adopted her, in great condition, but, I loved buffing her and occasionally working the cream lightly into the leather.

    And, yes, I would buff it gently with a soft white cotton cloth or t-shirt....whenever the mood strikes me.

    I do not live near the NYC store, so, just sending a bag to spa without real justification is not going to happen with me. I feel I can do the everyday things myself such as buffing with cloth and gentle polishing with Hermes creams.

    Just my two cents....what I would do.
  3. ^^thanks Isus! I'll have to pick some to the hermes cream up next time I'm in!
  4. Is the Hermes cream recommended for all the leathers or just box?
  5. Are we referring to the John Lobb cream on sale at 24 Faubourg? I bought the cream, the cleaning cloth and a brush when I was visiting Paris earlier this month. You could use it on box, chamonix, clemence and togo leather a couple times a year, but I have been told by the craftman not to put it on my barenia bag. Also, don't rub the hermes stamp, the colour may come off. Gentle circle motions only. Don't overdo it.

    It's a great product. After one application, my natural chamonix kelly is nearly water-resistant.
  6. Does Hermes recommend that you use the cream? I guess the leather might dry out and crack without creaming once in a while?
  7. Just don't do it more than two times a year, otherwise the wax comes to the surface when it's warm and you'll get a white film.
  8. hi,

    is the john lobb cream the same as the meltonian cream?

    i have the meltonian cream that i bought for my box kelly , does anyone know if i can also use it for my swift birkin?

  9. I have a 15 year old bag and I have never put any cream on it. It looks almosty like the day I bought it.
  10. ROCKER just use that bag as much as you can. You can use Meltonian cream and then every once in a while give the corners a little polish with black (dare I say it) Meltonian shoe polish! Works like a charm. The only thing to get past that middle-age mark is to keep using the bag and don't baby it. After a while the scratches will just begin to blend in......
  11. No, John Lobb cream is not the same as meltonian cream. I think other tPFers have used meltonian cream with good results, but I don't have any personal experience. Also, HG point of only two John Lobb applications per yr is a very important one.

    I don't know if hermes officially endorse using this cream on bags. They do own John Lobb, but your SA will always advise you to take the bags in for cleaning. However, if you know your craftman very very well, he or she may give you tips beyond the official company policies. Hope this makes sense.
  12. Flossy, I believe, has used John Lobb creams on her bags and is happy with the results.
  13. I've never put any cream or moisturizer on my Kelly Box. I just sent her to the H store for cleaning & buffing a few months ago. I've never used the bag since I bought it 5 years ago and it's been sitting in the closet. The reason why I sent it for cleaning because I'm afraid that the skin may crack due to dryness for not being used.

    I was told by the craftsman not to clean any leather bag myself because any damage is irreversible.
  14. When I bought my first Hermes bag (in box calf) in aris years ago, I was advised by the SA to use Saphir cream. Alas, I can't find it anymore.

  15. :yes::yes::yes:

    I would only ever use this cream and as you say very very lightly , twice a year sounds right to me

    thanks ltc