Moving for good to another country.. what is the best way to send my bags over there?


Dec 24, 2008
Hello Guys, Dont know in which sub forum this question fits in , but I thought its more general...

I am moving to my another country after 8 years of being in the US and I wanted to know what is the best way to ship my bags there .. I am not comfortable checking it in with my luggauage so I plan to put a few clutches and smaller bags in my hand baggage. My parents live in the country I am moving to and I thought I could ship the rest of my bags to them.

Will I be charged customs? What is the best way to ship so I am insured for any loss or damage and get away without having to pay customs? Thanks! I really need advice..


Mar 16, 2009
You can send it by fedex insured mail. As long as the bags aren't new & you can prove it's for personal use, you shouldn't incur customs. It also depends on the country to which you are shipping to. Call fedex & they should be able to provide you more information.
You don't say where you are moving too but if it is the EU (European Union), well I am pretty certain for the UK (my home country), that if you own them and they are not new with tags etc, there is no customs duty to pay. Just make sure no one can wonder if they are new or used -- used is better in this instance! Don't quote me on this though -- just has been my experience buying jewelery in the US and taking it in to the UK (not major price items though).

Good luck with your move!


Sylvie Guillem fan
May 10, 2006
Not sure, but if you included copies of the receipts showing you purchased the bags for personal use in the States that might help?

Dunno. Just an idea. Might ask FedEx.


Mar 30, 2008
I sent some in my shipment and spread them out through my clothes so as not to have a big pile of purses that screams "please steal me." The two or three that I didn't trust anyone with, I took on my carry-on on the plane and I mailed the rest, (I had access to a DPO and Pouch, which is U.S. mail). I would suggest FedEx, DHL or UPS.


Jun 25, 2008
How's the rest of your stuff getting sent?

I'll be doing this later in the year (and then again the year after, I hope) and have been fretting about it tbh.

Most of our stuff goes by boat, but there is NO way I'm shipping my bags in a container. We also have some stuff that goes by air-freight so I will go for that for my bags, I think. Too expensive to mail them all tbh :sad: