Moving Dilemma: I need furniture~! Where do I buy cheap but great furniture items?!

  1. :sos: I need your help ladies...I'm moving out to an unfurnished apartment for the continuation of my studies and I have hardly the basic furniture items.

    I need a sofa and chair for the living table, etc. I haven't the slightest clue on WHERE to start looking for these things locally. Where should I go? I'm on a budget so I was thinking that maybe I could check the classifieds...any other suggestions?:shrugs:
  2. IKEA!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  3. ^agree!!:yes:

  4. is this a store? like a furniture store?:shrugs:

    we don't have those here in my podunk town :crybaby: ...maybe their website?
  5. It's great. It's also worth a few hour drive. It's an EVERYTHING store.
  6. Ikea will have everything you need for cheap. Go to the website and use the store locator option to see if there is one close to you.
  7. Ikea For Sure!!!!!!!!
  8. Yep Ikea is the best place to go. Cheap and disposable furniture. But it looks chic.
  9. ^Ditto..they are the best and definately worth a long drive!
  10. You could probably get more bang for your buck by buying used. If not, IKEA is great, like everyone suggested. Another place that's not nearly as cheap as IKEA but still cheap overall is Value City Furniture. Not sure if they'd have those in your area or not. Also, a lot of places let you do 12 months with no interest, so you could take your time paying it off.
  11. I was looking through the university's classifieds....seems Im a little too late for a lot of the items up for sale....:crybaby:
  12. Thrift shops and consignment shops are good, so are garage sales in upscale neighborhoods....
  13. can it be used or antique?
  14. If so go to You can search buy location for indivitual items and also for garage/yard sales. Not just for U.S. but worldwide. It is a great site, made by Craig a few years ago for SF. It has gotten sooo big now! You can also get somewhat bad furniture for free :biggrin: just for temperary situations.

    If you dont want anything used or just dont want to chance it, I agree Ikea is good. You can buy everything and anything there.
  15. Hit up relatives if you can...someone in my family is always itching to get rid of a few pieces of furniture and buy new ones. If you're within driving distance of any relative with free stuff you'll save yourself a bundle. Nothing's cheaper than free!