Moving Day for Jennifer Aniston

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  1. I saw it on Extra tonight... She moved all of her furniture out today. The house was sold for 22.5 million :nuts: What a profit! They only bought the house for 14 million.
    Good for Jen, she can finally move to her new home in Hollywood Hills. :biggrin:
  2. Good for her! I admired the way she handled her divorce. Thank goodness she can finally put all of that behind her.
  3. Great to hear :biggrin:
  4. i wonder who bought her house. i read that the older brother in malcomn in the middle purchased nick and jessica's home
  5. i wonder where she is going to buy her next house.. i really see her moving away from LA and the whole celebrity culture there
  6. yay
  7. She is classy with a capital C. I just adore her.
  8. Good for Jen! I think she probably will leave Hollywood. I just read the interview in Vogue. It sounds like she is tired of Hollywood.
  9. I sooooooo agree. A lot people seem to put her down and make it seem they no longer care for her since her divorce. I think she is a true lady. :amuse:
  10. It wasn't a celeb that bought it, some one from out of the country I think I heard.

    Good to hear, maybe the media will allow us ALL to move on! LOL!
  11. She's moving to Hollywood Hills.
  12. I read in the new Vogue interview that she has a house in the Hollywood Hills but wants to move away from LA. Can't really blame her...
  13. Too bad all of her movies have bombed at the box office..........
  14. What does that have to do w/ her moving:weird:
  15. sometimes you just gotta leave all the histories behind and start fresh again. Good for her! She looks amazing, too.