Moving....but happy!

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  1. My husband just got transferred to Puerto Rico (job). I currently live in El Paso, TX and there is no LV boutique here. All my purchases have been done through Eluxury, Saks, and at the San Juan LV boutique during a couple of vacation trips to Puerto Rico. Except for my San Juan purchases, I have never been able to see things IRL before making my purchases. Now, I will not have to return anything because it's too small, too big, or the wrong color. :yahoo:
  2. Fantastic, congratulations!
  3. I would love to move there how great! Congrats!
  4. Congratulations on your move. Enjoy it...
  5. So happy for you, there's nothing like being able to see LV IRL!!
  6. wow nice place!!! Congrats on the move!!!!
  7. Good luck with your move.
  8. Congrats...there should be heaps more purchases :graucho:
  9. good luck with your move!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Oh that's great! Best wishes on your move and have fun at the boutique!!
  12. good luck with the move and i hope you get a nice SA in your new store.
  13. Thanks everyone. The sad part about moving is that all my family lives here. I will miss them very much. :sad:
  14. I hadn't thought about the fact that I will now have an SA. That's another plus. :tup:
  15. good luck on your move and on having an LV boutique nearby! :biggrin: