moving birkin to another country.. lifestyle change?


Feb 4, 2006
Hong Kong

I just want to seek some opinion.. i am moving to Sydney shortly and I have around 5 chanel, 3 birkins and other bags.. I will ship most of my belonging by ship through those shipping company... and I will take some belonging with me for me to survive on first 1 month before my belongins arrive.

Ok.. for the handbag.. do you think it is a safe option to ship via sea? cos I really dont have much room allow me to take them with me on the flight... what will be other safe option to consider?? and for you, will you take the H box with you as well? or just the bag? I would love to store everything in H box or Chanel box nicely.. but now i am talking about 7-8 boxes....

and since I will not be driving at sydney.. i will be taking public transport most of the time, do you think will that look funny if I am using a $10k AUD birkin on a train?

please advise....or share your opinion..


May 4, 2007
Could you use a courier to send the bags in one shipment together? I am positive they would be safe going by sea but it depends how nervous you might feel about it.

Personally I would keep the boxes (much to my other halfs annoyance) as I feel it's all part of the package but sometimes we have to part with these things if space is a constraint.

As for using a $10k bag on public transport, nothing wrong with that. I'd have no problem using my bag on the train or tube here and the same goes for NY


Feb 4, 2006
Hong Kong
I will have my stuff send in a small container i believe to Sydney.. which seems quite safe. and I am using a big company " crown" ... I can purchase insurance but i am not sure will they cover that much on handbag.. and it is not cheap.. insurance is 3.5% of the insured value..

I am planning maybe to take a BJ 35 and 2 chanel with me with my luggage.. and the rest.. ship there???

my peko

Jun 30, 2006
ChloeSS, I've visited Sydney with my Kelly taking public transportation and I think they cope:okay:.


May 17, 2006
Chloess, when I moved back to the States from England, I had the moving co overnight my 10 most expensive bags and the clothes I needed for 2 weeks, and had everything else go by ship. I don't know if there is a similar issue with Australia, but the items that came by ship got held up in customs for about a month AFTER they arrived, so I was very happy I did the overnight package. Good luck!


Feb 19, 2007

I am no expert on logistics but if I were you I wouldn't ship whatever I cannot afford/bear to lose. I have heard horror stories of luxury handbags missing from checked-in suitcases. Apparently, thieves are getting more fashion savvy these days. I do not wish to imagine what will happen to a birkin when left outta sight. :wtf:

You can probably store the bags' boxes within your moving boxes and hand carry the expensive bags one/a few at a time. Have a companion carry some for you or if possible leave it with your family and a.) bring them a few pieces at a time or 2.) have a family member carry it for you when they visit you in sydney.

Just my two cents. Good Luck! :tup:


My Orange World
Jan 10, 2008
Hello ChloeSS,

In 4 months, I am moving to Mexico City and NO WAY I will put my Hermes bags in a container...

First, my transporter told me not to put anything sentimental in a container because, it is very very rare but I happened that containes fall off the boat!!! So all my pictures, the first clothes and shoes of my daughter and all that kind of things I am keeping with me.

Second, you have the borders and inspection and in Mexico If you can not prove that you bought the bag more than 6 months ago, you risk to pay duties.

For me the best way is to take what you can handle with you and the rest ship by ups. In my case, I go often to Mexico, so everytime, I bring something.

Now, for the transportation to Sydney, you don't have to care about others, the principal is to have your bags safe:graucho:

Good luck to you!:woohoo:


He is Risen
Jun 19, 2006
I would try to carry on the birkins. pack them in a carry on suitcase or something....


Jan 22, 2006
I have moved back and forth between countries, and during one move I lost a box (that had my diplomas!) So I agree that for your most precious belongings, have them include it in a smaller, expedited (i.e., air, UPS, FedEx) delivery, that has a tracking option.


Feb 18, 2008
I have moved from NY to HK to London to HK to NY to Boston and back to NY!! Each and everytime, regardless of shipping by air or sea, I always send my valuables separately...basically anything that is near and dear or irreplacable. Anything in the mass shipping, I can replace. I am typically covered by my homeowner's insurance, but if you dont' have that avenue, pay for the additional insurance on your UPS package. It will give you peace of mind.


Feb 18, 2008
As for the boxes, that is your choice and depends upon how you use them. I usually keep mine unless they are ratty. I just replace when I get to my final destination.


Mar 9, 2006
I have to bluntly say do not place them in a container.

I deal with shipping lines (containers and less than) on a daily basis and you can't risk it. There is so much theft and then at times in various areas you see little to no theft. You must find an alternative.

Encore Hermes

Aug 6, 2007
villa di como
Sounds like a great place to move!!!!! :tup:& I think Sydney would be a wonderful city to have those beautiful bags! I can only give an opinion. I would carry one birkin on the plane, and put one Birkin in (assuming you are using a rolling carry-on) your carry-on filled to maximize space. With the other bags, I guess ship. I like the boxes, and if you want them, maybe fill them for the container ship and put them in the packing boxes so they are not identifiable.