Moving Away, How to sell items?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am unexpectedly moving away in a month~ I'm not trying to sell anything here so no worries!!~ I was just curious for people that have had to move, and sell their did you guys do it? I'm working and have decided to quit my job and move to another state far away. I plan on buying new furniture because moving all my items will cost much much more.

    Any suggestions..
    1. Giving away my furniture to charity? Do you know what charities or organizations that might need these things?

    2. Selling the items? Where can I post to sell these items?

    3. just throwing them away? Do I have to call some people and have it thrown away in a specific manner..since there are items like a mattress..chair..and stuff??

    Please help~~ I'm moving away in a month..and I am totally lost~~~~ :confused1:
  2. You can put things in the newspaper!! You will be surprised as to how many people will come!
  3. I usually see furniture items there..
  4. garage sale??
  5. Thanks Everyone~

    I will try the newspaper~ Unfortunately, I live in a high garage sale would not be possible~ *sigh*

    Thanks again and again!
  6. and newspaper listings are great for furniture.

    Make a "sell" stack and have an ebay seller come over and get stuff. She will take pics and list.

    Donate furniture which doesn't sell. Get receipts for your income tax write offs.
  7. Can you also post on your lobby area. When I lived in a condo the mailroom had a wall you could post things for sale, ect.
    There were always people moving in and out so it worked out well.
  8. Definitely post on Craig's List - I did before I moved into my condo and it was amazing the response I received. Plus - it's FREE:yahoo:
  9. I have heard ppl who were moving out of the country within like 2 weeks
    most did like a garage sale and then the second half the day or the next day was a free for all more or less
  10. Definitely craiglist. :yes:
  11. yesss CRAIGSLIST it is. i used that many times when relocating! best thing is that its FREE. :smile:
  12. O:huh: I will try Craigslist!

    Craigslist it is!!! Thanks everyone!

    Hopefully it won't be too difficult to post anything. ;)
  13. I changed universities and had to move across Germany last summer and had a lot of stuff that needed to go (mostly furniture)

    I used a free intersite (craiglist seems to be american equivalent) and I printed hand-out with the items I had for sale and left them at supermarkets, Bus Stops and MOST important college/university (pretty much everywhere you are allowed to put them).

    You'll be surprised how many people will show interest. :yes:
  14. Hey where abouts do you live? In my city, we actually have a forum for different things regarding vancouver, and we can just post it on the used furniture etc forum and people would reply! Or Craiglist it and yes as someone else has said, salvation army or college/universities would definately be a good place too!
  15. Craig's List