Moving Along

  1. Following a short visit to her parents in Nashville, Reese Witherspoon returns to Brentwood, Calif., where she ran errands on Monday. The Oscar-winner has remained low-key since filing for divorce from husband of seven years, Ryan Phillippe, last Wednesday.
  2. What a shame....
  3. :'( I feel so bad for her..
  4. oh, i'm soooo sad.
    they seem like a great couple
  5. Aww.. =(
  6. i still can't believe that they're getting a divorce, they made such a cute couple.
  7. *hugz reese* ..
  8. Why? :crybaby:
  9. i truely dont understand. they seem to be such a great couple.
  10. I am taking this one kind of hard! LOL!
    She's the one and only celeb I have a lot in common with.
    When I was younger people often said I resembled her {pointy chin and big toothy smile} and we're both Southern girls and I share her old-fashioned qualtities, etc. . . .
    I feel like this is happening to my BFF! :lol: I'm such a geek!:shame:
  11. We may never know. Reese could learn a thing or two from Britney on how these things should be conducted for maximum entertainment benefit to the general public.