Moving a thread

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  1. Is there anyway when a Mod moves a thread that under the original posting where it says moved that it could say moved to ______?

    There have been some great threads posted by newcomers posted in the wrong place that I would like to follow up on only to find it moved then I have to call in the bloodhounds to sniff out the new hiding place.. :flowers:

    I appreciate the open door policy- thanks
  2. Yes! I would like to know where a thread is moved also since if it was something interesting I would like to follow up on it.
  3. Moved threads leave redirects behind, after they have been moved.

    We do not leave redirects in some sections, for example in the Marketplaza. The amount of redirects would clutter the remaining threads pretty badly, making it harder to navigate.
  4. Typically we leave re-directs unless the thread was TOTALLY in an off-beat spot and it should just be obvious. I believe you should be able to see where it is moved to by clicking on it :shrugs: No?