Movies with My Dream Closet!

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  1. Has anyone checked out these closets? There are two movies on DVD, "In Her Shoes" with Cameron Diaz and "13 going on 30" with Jennifer Garner. Both of these have closets that make me drool. "13 going on 30" has a whole montage about her closet and make-up. I just had to share. The movie is really cute, however, I am mostly in love with Jennifer's closet and on the side there is a whole section for purses! :yahoo:
    I am little nuts about this but wanted to share!:nuts:
    13goingon30_jgarner_300x435.jpg in_her_shoes_01_303_404_Twentieth_Century_Fox.jpg
  2. Yes, I love both those movies! The closet scences are the best!
  3. 13goingon30.jpg
  4. I loved that movie! Her closet (and shoes) were so cool! It's super organized
  5. Okay, so I am not a total nerd for having "13 going on 30" on DVD!
    The 80's music was pretty cool, too.
  6. I love both of those movies! Especially "In Her Shoes" I didn't think it would be that good. =)
  7. That's when you know you're obsessed; when you start coveting closets in movies!!!
  8. Absolutely, but I still want Jennifer Garner's closet!:yes:
  9. You should check out beggaholic's closet in 'your bag showcase' section. She built it herself and it looks gorgeous. I wish I had a closet like that as well.
  10. I know I have seen it. This weekend, my DH finally made me a shelving unit, I guess he could sense my desparation. I can actually see and access my purses much more easily now. It is only from IKEA but it looks great and has similar size units to hold all the purses. I would still like to stop in Brooklyn sometime and see Baggaholic's furniture store, though.
  11. I'd die for a closet that size with all those items!!!! I loved that movie was so cute! Can't say much about In her Shoes, though because I haven't seen it yet....but i'll try and rent it so I can drool over how fabulous her closet is.:P
  12. I haven't seen "In Her Shoes" yet, but when the closet scene in "13 going on 30" was on, I had to keep pausing just to admire that amazing closet.
  13. I :heart: "13 Going on 30"! I have it on DVD too :wlae: When I went to see it in theatres, I actually happened to be wearing that same Tarina Tarantino butterfly necklace Jennifer Garner was wearing in the pic above, but mine was in pink! I think I may have exclaimed outloud- "that's my necklace!":roflmfao: