Movies with Hermes bags....

  1. didnt she also have a H bag and suitcase?
  2. Yes I remember this scene where she was holding onto her B while trying to climb on the boat in her killer heels. I was so nervous about her B, if was going to fall into the water.
  3. I dont remember her bag but I agree that her suitcase looked like H.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, in the series Devious Maids, Evelyn had a birkin resting on the sofa in her house 😊😊😊
  5. Not sure about this, but I'm rewatching The Birdcage (RIP Robin Williams :cry:smile: and I believe Nathan Lane's character is wearing at least one Hermes scarf. The scene at the busstop, especially.
  6. Not a movie....but I was just watching a Barefoot Contessa Thanksgiving episode on Food Network and Ina was carrying a Kelly Wallet in what looked like orange.
  7. Just saw the movie "Mordecai". Sort of silly, but Gwyneth Paltrow's character carries a beautiful dark blue birkin on the scenes in the auction house. I don't know the color; it may be one of the newer blues. She also wore a watch that looked like Hermes in her first scenes. I am not so up on these things lately. Both were gorgeous.
  8. Filipino film You're My Boss - 2015

  9. Nice
  10. She's sure the boss lol
  11. Claire Underwood's Kelly bag seen on House of Cards, S03 E06.
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  12. Whoa, a Kelly in that scene makes it even darker :shocked:
  13. Not an Hernes bag but Tilda Swinton in Trainwreck is wearing a BeHapi
  14. Midnight in Paris has several Birkins and a Constance. Great eye candy in that movie. :smile:

    Chanel and Dior bags are worn by characters as well. Oh, and plenty of Goyard.
  15. Not a movie, but Jane Krakowski's character in the Netflix show "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" carries Birkins. Do we know if they're real?
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