Movies with Hermes bags....

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  1. I thought it would be fun to list some movies in which characters are using Hermes bags...someone on another board mentioned that in the new movie with Jodie Foster she is carrying a Birkin; I also know Gwyneth Paltrow in "A Perfect Murder" with Michael Douglas she is carrying a kelly I believe.:love:

    Any others?
  2. in the Royal Tannebaums, gwyneth was carrying a hermes birkin. i wish i had a pic...
  3. In Le Divorce, Kate Hudson's character (Isabelle) receives a Red Croc Kelly. I love that bag.
  4. I love Gwyneth's style in "A Perfect Murder" and especially the bag. :smile:
  5. In Maid in Manhattan, Natasha something's character carries a black Togo Birkin 35.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Nice pic! I was thinking Maid in Manhatten had a tan kelly somewhere - close anyway!
  8. "Swept Away" with Madonna has a Birkin in it.:biggrin:
  9. In the move "Dream Lover" with James Spader and Mädchen Amick, I think Mädchen Amick is carrying an Hermes...not completely sure. (The purse that James Spader empties during that part of the movie to confirm that she's still wearing her diaphragm.) It looks like an Hermes. Does anyone remember?
  10. The bag was the best thing about that movie...and then it got flung off the Eiffel Tower !!
  11. I hope it was FAKE!!!:weird:
  12. I know it's not a *movie* but Sex and the City has a whole episode devoted to Samatha's quest for a red Birkin...Lucy Liu ends up with it at the end.
  13. rory, on gilmore girls (again, not a movie) gets a pink birkin from her boyfriend logan :love:
  14. oo great thread!!! :biggrin:
  15. The new show, Courting Alex, with Jenna Elfman has her using a B 40 in black Togo as her everyday work bag. She playes a lawyer.