Movies that made you cry

  1. What are your favorites?

    Mine are My Girl and Titanic. I'm so cheesy.
  2. the recent one is freedom writers..
  3. Monsters INC, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook ...
  4. okay...first of all I cry at commercials. .... the Notebook put me over the edge!!! I cried so hard my sides hurt!! I could name a MILLION!!
  5. "Life is Beautiful"
  6. Beaches, Titanic, Ghost and leaving las vegas. I could go on and on!

  7. I'm right there with you! I cry at everything. I can't watch movies with animals because I know I'll cry. I even cry sometimes during the National Anthem. Yep... I'm a sap!
  8. I hate to even admit this, but it was the "Lion King" for me, when Simba's father fell to his death. In fact, I still tear up when I see that scene today.

    Most recently, it was "The Notebook."
  9. Oh I cry at everything! I didn't cry at The Notebook, thought it was just such a perfect ending, couldn't cry.
    I cried at The Green Mile, Gorillas in the Mist & too many others to remember.
  10. Hahaha i cry at everything aswell.I love Out Of Africa,Bridges of Madison County and always cry when i watch them.I also love The Way We Were,its so sad in the end.....
  11. "Life is Beautiful", OMG best movie ever!!

    Other tearjerkers of mine include "The Way We Were"...Memories...Gets me everytime!

    Terms of Endearment, Beaches, and My Dog Skip.
  12. Ones that make me cry are Ghost, Somewhere in Time, and the Peter Jackson version of King Kong- the end when kong dies gets me every time. :crybaby:
  13. i'm a cry baby... i cried at the opening of LION KING!!! when the monkey picked baby simba up and the song starts!

    but i cried over and over on Big fish!
  14. Billy Elliot
  15. pay it forward!! omg i cry every time at the end!!!! (no matter how many times i've seen it)