Movies, Commercials, TV series and Marc Jacobs bags: have you seen one lately?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I don't know if this happens to you but I am always on the look for a MJ bag. When I watch TV or go to the movies, I check the screen to see if any of the characters is wearing one. A few nights ago I was watching Tell Me You Love Me and I saw Jamie was carrying a multipocket in some warm brown color, beautiful, although she placed it on the floor, not cool.

    Yesterday night watching a burger commercial, I believe at least one of the ladies was carrying what also looked like a MP.

    So I thought, how about start posting movies, series, and commercials where we see these beautiful creatures that we all love?
  2. This past Sunday when I was watching, I Think I Love My Wife, Kerry Washington's character was carrying some kind of non-leather MbMJ Faridah. The crazy cord maybe?
  3. Gilmore Girls has featured lots of Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs bags and sometimes clothes.
  4. I saw one in The Departed. Vera Farmiga carries a blue MJ in the funeral scene.
  5. Scarlett Johanson sports a Krazy Kord Faridah in Rose in Nanny Diaries.
  6. I think one of the ladies in the BK commercial where they confront the King is wearing an MJ bag - they show it so fast though....... I thought maybe it was a Blake? I swear I saw pushlocks!
  7. On an episode of Chelsea Lately, where she was hanging out with a paparazzi, she was carrying a white christy which she threw on a dirty L.A. sidewalk :shocked:
  8. **correction, wasn't a christy. but it was a tote from the sme season

  9. I thought it was that one, but I was not sure. I am so crazy I was going to rent the movie to double check for that!!!! Thanks!
  10. ^That is so funny. That is something I would totally do. That is my favorite part of the movie. I just love that bag. Does anyone know the name of it?
  11. If I remember correctly it was the Anouk.

  12. yep, i thought it was a green color, but def. mj stella
  13. ^^ actually Melly might be right, the stalla and anouk look similar....but anouk is smaller
  14. I am not sure about the style, I'll watch the movie once again. It's showing on HBO right now.
  15. It was an anouk. I watched and rewatched that scene ... haha! And the girls here discussed it a while back when the movie was first out.