Moviegoers Warned of `Babel' Sickness


    In this promotional photo provided by Paramount Vantage, actress Rinko Kikuchi is shown in a scene from 'Babel.' The Japanese distributor of the Oscar-winning film 'Babel' is warning viewers that it may cause nausea or headaches, an official said Wednesday, May 2, 2007. (AP Photo/Paramount Vantage, Tsutomu Umezawa, File)
  2. Holy Crap! :wtf:

    that scared the hell out of me I had to look away! :confused1:
  3. ^^OK, now you've got me curious. What happens in that scene that causes people to get sick?
  4. Well in the movie I never noticed...but looking at that pic I guess there's some kind of illusion to mess with your brain. It kinda creepied me out though....:confused1:
  5. LOL...I guess I'm totally missing it then. The picture doesn't freak me out at all. It is weird though that it doesn't look like a real mirror reflection.
  6. Err what's so scary about that picture?

    I think the thing that caused the nausea was the scene in the movie after Rinko's character took hallucinogenic drugs.
  7. the only sickness i get from watching this in theatre is because teh movie is sooo ugly LOL
    well, not that bad but it's just over-rated and the wole stories looks made up.
  8. ^^^I know!
  9. I saw the movie, and other than it being sad, I didn't find it nauseating. I don't get it!!
  10. Apparently there are several scenes in the movie that had people throwing up. People started complaining of headache's.. etc. I haven't seen it yet. But the reports are so bizarre.
  11. I think its from a club scene. There are bright lights flashing, people dancing all crazy, lots of camera movement and there is no sound. The same thing happened when Blair Witch came out.
  12. Hmm...maybe I have an iron stomache! LOL