Movie rental referrals....

  1. I meant to say Recommendations, oops...

    Okay, I have had a string of bad luck lately with renting movies!!

    I think over 50% of what we rent lately have been horrible!

    I was thinking we should make a list of the good and the bad, so we help our PF buddies when it's time to pick out a rental.

    Let's list our fav or good picks here. I will start another one for the no-nos....

    GOOD/GREAT RENTALS: Of course all opinions may vary....

    I/ we liked:
    Just like Heaven --- Cute (hubby liked it too)
    Domino (not bad, got if for hubby)
    Elizabethtown --- CUTE (hubby liked it too)
    Just Friends --- FUNNY!!! LOVED IT, the supporting actress is
    hilarious (hubby liked it too)
    Best in Show--- FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY!!! (hubby and friend's pick!)
    Million Dollar Baby - Great!
    Cinderellaman -- AWESOME!
    Crash -- Good, makes you think about racial stereotyping

    okay, your turn.... what do you recommend?
  2. How about Four Brothers, I liked it, or was it the cute male cast? Brokeback Mountain is on DVD also I think haven't seen it though
  3. I just watched Brokeback Mountain last night. All I can say is :oh: :amazed: :huh: :oh: But, overall, it was a good love story!

    Some recent movies I have seen:

    Pride & Prejudice: LOVED it!!!
    Jarhead: Not too bad, I enjoyed it.
    Prime: stupid!!! A waste of 2 hours.

    Gosh..I will add more when I think of them. :biggrin:
  4. I agree with you on Cinderella Man and Crash. Both excellent films. I thought the Constant Gardner was a great movie as well, but it was very depressing.

    I also really enjoyed Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightly. Matthew Macfadyen reminded me so much of Alan Rickman, who I have a huge crush on.
  5. hmmm, good funny movies:

    ( if you like stupid humor)

    wedding crashers
    old school
    meet the parents ( and meet the fockers)
    The 40 year old Virgin ( warning, its pretty raunchy!)

    other funny movies:

    What about Bob? ( Bill murray is a therapists worst nightmare. but so loveable)
    Father of the Bride ( steve martin, overprotective father of a bride-to-be)
    Office Space ( cult classic! "wheres my stapler?")

    Adorable Romantic Comedy's

    Just Like Heaven ( I agree, superrrrrrr cute- I love Mark R.)
    The Wedding Singer ( sweet adam sandler/drew barrymore movie)
    Notting Hill ( cute movie where Julia Roberts is a movie star and falls in love with Hugh Grant whos just an average guy.)
    Love, Actually
    Bridget Jone's Diary ( seriously, every woman should watch this film)
    Emma ( the one with Gwynth, its fabulous)
    Sense and Sensibilty ( such a sweet movie.)
    Moulin Rouge ( my favorite love story of all time. I always cry.)

    Action Movies:

    Spiderman, both of them. ( seriously, Toby Maguire couldn't be annny cuter!)
    Black Hawk Down ( really moving war film, Josh Harntnett + Eric Bana, plus a small role for Orlando Bloom- hes so pretty.)
    Lord of the Rings. ( long, but I liked the books when I was younger, and Orlando Bloom is in it, so who really cares what its about?:P)
    Sin City ( kind of an action drama-- very film noir-ish, warning, it's VERY violent and not for the faint of heart- I suggest never watching the scenes with the yellow pedophile.)

    Other movies that are too cute:

    Mulan ( its kid friendly! and it teaches young girls that they can be just as tough as "the boys" love it.)
    View from the Top ( a really silly movie with Gwynth Paltrow)
    Legally Blonde ( the ultimate girl power movie.)
    Clueless ( it's a classic!!! "rollin' with the homies!")
    10 Things I hate about you ( typical teen film, modern take on taming of the shrew- I believe.)
    Rudy ( cute little Sean Astin is the underdog football player at notre Dame)

    omg, I watch too many movies! I have TONS more, Ill post them when they come to mind. lol.

    oh, "Donnie Darko" I reccomend it, it's totally bizarre, but interesting.


    Beautiful Girls- if you only watch one movie from my long list, PLEASE, watch this one. It is seriously yhe most underrated filmd I've ever seen. Timothy Hutton is a man who comes back to his home town, to find himself. He strikes up an unusual ( but innocent) friendship with 12 year old natalie portman, and reconnects with his old friends. It takes place in small town New England, and this film feautures some of the best character development/dialouge I've ever seen. Seriously, it's my favorite film.
  6. Dani - that's funny... see how tastes are different.

    My friends don't trust me to rent movies any more since I rented Donnie Darko. They will always make fun of me for it. It was an all star cast so I thought, had to be good right? We personally didn't care for it. I'm glad you liked it though.

    If we're talking about older movies....

    Somethings gotta Give is REALLY CUTE and FUNNY!
  7. My favorite movies are :

    - any from the Matrix Trilogy
    - any from Blade Trilogy
    - any from Godfather
    - Gladiator
    - The Notebook
    - The English Patient
    - Legally Blond
  8. here's list:

    memoirs of a geisha
    maria full of grace
    the manchurian candidate
    beauty shop
  9. New DVDs:
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Walk the Line
    Brokeback Mountain

    Girl With a Pearl Earring (It's great if you like artsy films. Warning: There's very little dialogue.)
    Bandits- Hilarious and great action+plot twist! I highly recommend this if you haven't seen it.
  10. My ultimate favorite is Love Actually. I get mixed reviews on this though. Family and friends either really love it or really hate it.

    My other favorites:
    The Notebook, Legally Blonde, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Just Like Heaven, Harry Potter series, Ocean Eleven.
  11. -Walking and Talking is great (same filmmaker as the new film "Friends With Money"), but more of a "girl" movie
    -Oh Brother, Where Art Thou is one of my faves
    -Good Night and Good Luck, IMO one of the best movies I've seen in YEARS.
  12. Hmmmm.........I fell asleep during Cinderella Man. I did watch Hooligans (Elijah Wood) during the week and that was great. Ditto for Crash.

    Love Actually is a great movie, can't imagine it getting mixed reviews. If you've got some time I highly, highly recommend the series "Little Britain" or "The Office". I'll hand it to the Brits, they do make the BEST comedies! Also "Kath & Kim" - an Aussie series.

    I saw Girl with a Pearl Earring a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed it. Then I went and looked at the ACTUAL painting here in The Hague (there was no story or model for the actual painting).
  13. Grosse Pointe Blank is pretty good too. Very dialogue-driven and wry in humour.