Movie Night tomorrow any suggestions?

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  1. My friends and I are getting Subway and Movies!! I really wanna see a movie thatll scare the crap-ola out of me!! any suggestions? :yahoo:
  2. The only movie I have ever seen that I can truthfully say scared me is the original Exorcist, 1972, 73, somewhere in there.

    It scared me then, and a couple of years ago, just for fun, Mr Puff and I got it at Blockbuster, and I kid you not, it scared me again.
  3. Silence of the lambs :death:
  4. I loved the original "Night of the Living Dead". I recently watched "Texas Chainsaw, the Beginning", it was quite creepy. The original was pretty good.
  5. All of the "Halloween" movies with Michael Myers still get to me. I have to watch them during the day if I'm by myself. I can only watch them during the night if someone is going to be home with me all night.