1. hi ladies,

    What does moved mean?? i know what it means but why or how has it?
  2. Very strange.
    Maybe because it was not Mulberry specific.
    But do TPF not understand that sometimes we pose questions because we want answers from the same people who post on Mulberry?
    If we asked as a general question, there would be loads of posts and it would not have the same "Mulberry girl" feel to it.

    Oh, that is sad really. Do you think it is because Tara and I used the P word?
  3. ^^ No, the mods will move the thread if it is not specific to the brand. Bummer!!
  4. So if we go on the thread now and only talk about Mulberry, will they move it back??
  5. we encourage people to get to know each other of course, but topics that are not Mulberry specific will be moved if we notice them. . . just like all the other Forums ;)
  6. Okay.
    No explanation needed really, you are the purse Gods (or Godesses). :smile: