Movado watches; are they old school?

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  1. Ladies:

    I 've been given a Movado watch as a gift. However, I'm not a big watch person, but since it was gift, I know that I must keep it. Do you think about Movado's ? Are they still current? Or, considered out dated?

    Thank you in advance for your imput.:smile:
  2. Movado is still current and affordable.
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  3. We sell a ton of them at work. Definitely still popular!
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  4. Absolutely current. I love them!
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  5. Mine is about 15 years old. It is the SE w the black face. I think it is still a classic looking watch that is "timeless" lol.
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  6. Agree.. movado is modern classic. I don't think I'd purchase one for myself, but I'd wear one happily if I ever was gifted one.
  7. Thank you all for your input. It means a lot. I think that I'm going to keep the watch.
  8. Hey Stranger!

    Thank you for your input. I've decided to keep it.
  9. Good for you
  10. I have the black sapphire crystal watch with the kangaroo strap.
    It's in the MOMA in NYC. Classic. This watch feels very classic and yet modern.
    Later was gifted one with a gold strap. That one feels kind of dated to me.
    I stopped wearing the gold watch after I received my Rolex as an anniversary gift.
  11. IMG_1488332686.406124.jpg
    If it's not too late to contribute, my sister got this vintage Movado in the 1990's and I have been wanting one ever since. Found mine pre-loved recently and it is great. Very thin, gold and stainless to go with everything. [emoji846]
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  12. I have one without the numbers and dang i had a hard time reading the time lol
  13. I like Movado!
    I have a vintage diamond-encrusted cocktail watch and the white ceramic Cerena with diamond bezel and I wear them both.
    Please post pics of your gift...
  14. Mine is from the early nineties, the Museum, the only reason I don't wear it is that I really love wearing larger watches at this time.
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