Movado Outlets -- 60% off original price!!!

Apr 23, 2007
All the Movado Outlets are having a sale on all their watches! They make Coach, ESQ, Juicy Couture, Concord, Ebel, Lacost, and Tommy Hilfigure; and all are 60% off:yahoo:!!! Also I think I saw that Concord and Ebel have an extra 15% or 20% off after the 60%, I don't remember which.
This was originally for the 4th of July which they extended because it was so popular. It only goes to August 16th but if you live near one or will pass one while on vacation, I highly recommend going! Although the markdown is taken off the original price the sale makes the watches much cheaper than what they are normally marked at.


Jun 2, 2008
I went by the Movado outlet today and it is an extra 20% off the 60% off on Ebel and Concord watches.