Movado Deals?

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  1. Hi! I did a search and couldn't come up with anything. Does anyone know of a site with really good Movado deals? I saw one of the sponsors (Ashford) were offering some great deals back in January, but of course I missed it and it seems that they haven't been back here. I want to be sure that the watch is authentic, and would love a great deal like the ones posted by the sponsor! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!:smile:
  3. ^^ I actually wrote to them and they said they likely won't have any major discounts on a Movado anytime soon since it's not highly in demand. Boooo =( But thank you for your response!

    Any other sites?
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  5. ^^ Thank you!! I will check them out!!!
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    check the rules.
  7. i know this thread was bumped...but i actually got an email from doing 40% off today only. good luck :smile:
  8. ^ Thanks, I will check!!
  9. I frequently see Movado watches at Nordstrom Rack. I bought my DH a $700 watch for around $150. Good luck with your search!
  10. Really?! I didn't know that! I will definitely check next time I am there!!
  11. ^^This is totally OT, but my dog's name is Riley too!