Mouth Wash: Listerine Recall

  1. thank you for this info!
  2. Thanks Prada!!
  3. OMG children's Listerine!! this is so aweful!
  4. So scary! And it has to be children's flavored Listerine?! Thanks for posting, Prada.
  5. Use Act Fluoride Rinse. Listerine is just a breath freshener, but it doesn't get rid of plaque. Act does. It's got flavors for adults and kids: Mint and Cinnamon (I like the Cinnamon) and Bubble Gum Blowout.
  6. I remember a similar thing happening with Bausch & Lomb's contact lens wash. My mum made me throw out the bottles! Thanks for the info!
  7. Your welcome Ladies. I was surprised when this came on the news tonight.
  8. WASHINGTON (AP) -- The maker of Listerine is recalling one of its rinses after tests showed it was contaminated with microorganisms.

    A Johnson and Johnson spokeswoman says a company unit is recalling four million bottles of the recently launched Listerine Agent Cool Blue plaque-detecting rinse, marketed primarily for use by children. The recall affects the Glacier Mint and Bubble Blast flavors.

    The company says tests showed contamination, despite the use of preservatives.

    However, the company says there have be no reports of health problems from the contamination.

    Consumers are advised to stop using the product and throw it away. Refunds are being offered. For more information, go to the
    Listerine website.
  9. Where is the quality control? Don't they test this stuff before they distribute it.
  10. oh my gosh. i bought a bottle of that agent cool blue over a month ago and sent it to my 6 yr old brother back home in FL.
  11. eww :yucky: Doesn't sound dangerous though.
  12. Thanks for the info!
  13. Thanks for the info.