mouth protrusion


May 21, 2012
I am considering rhino and chin surgery (in my case, chin reduction - since my lower jaw is too long) for this, as well. Have you considered either premaxillary implants and/or implants at the base of the nose to help balance out your protrusion, as well?
I'm still open to anything, at this point. Without full consultation, however, I'm hesitant to consider implants because I feel like my face is a bit long and I won't get enough correction, or make my profile even more convex. My protrusion involves both teeth and gums. I'm also afraid it will continue to grow as I age and get worse because looking at my father and grandmother, their protrusion is more pronounced then it was years ago =T

Any shortlisted clinics yet? Where are you looking into for implants? I'm hoping to go to Korea in April 2015 and my top clinics so far are EverM, DAPRS, and Banobagi (for jaw surgeries or plasty).


May 26, 2016
Has anyone here undergone ASO (Anterior Segmental Osteotomy) to correct their mouth protrusion? How is it different from Two-Jaw? What's the recovery period like?


Aug 1, 2015
I have a protruding mouth and jaw but hell to the no that I would ever consider doing two jaw surgery to fix it. I'm getting sliding genioplasty for my chin (and slim down the sides of the chin as well) and I will let my mouth be like it is. I will get a lip lift so hopefully that will make my mouth look slightly less protruding. I'm not scared of getting any other surgery but I'm terrified of two jaw... To me, it's not worth it considering the possible side effects and that my teeth are aligned well.