Moutarde paired with raisin?

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  1. I have seen pictures of jaune d'or paired with violet in a birkin and am wondering if for a SO, a chevre bag with moutarde body and raisin sides, handles and straps would go. Opinions gratefully received. Thanks!
  2. Yellow and purple are my favorite colors. I love this combo. I would probably switch it though so that Raisin is the predominant color. :tup:
  3. I have seen an SO with Jaune d'Or and Violet in real life. It's a very strong contrast. Personally I did not find it appealing.
  4. Thanks for the views - I agree, it's a very strong contrast and I am not sure it sits well. Back to the drawing board!
  5. In this case I think the Raisin is not pop enough to match the Moutarde brightness if that makes sense. I do empathize, bec of the limited colors, how hard it is to select an SO order this round. Best of luck!
  6. Thank you! Yes, the colours available are already quite limited and if you are looking at chèvre, that whittles down the selection even further. First world problems!
  7. I have to say that this does not sound appealing to me. Yellow and purple are for Lakers fans. Agree that chevre colors are limited but there are other choices.
    I also didn't see contrast panels available for K or B, only sangles, handle, piping.
  8. LOL...I have chosen a blue on blue combination; glad I didn't go for the Lakers colours! I didn't see piping available in my store though; there were three options available in terms of design. Maybe it was option 2 - can't remember - but I went for the third option instead.