Moutarde - more pictures, or info?

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  1. It seems like all of the SS colours are somehow or somewhere available except the one i've been waiting for the most... Moutarde! Does anyone have any info about this one? Seen it IRL? Got any pictures?

    I can't wait any longer. I've dreamt for a yellow first for so long (although i'm having second thoughts if I should consider a city instead??) , and maybe my dream will come true this time :P... I just need a confirmation that the colour is perfect and when it will pop up somewhere soon...

    Any info would be appreciated :heart:
  2. Check the January/February 2010 thread, Tillie64 just got one and it has the best color and leather. Really something.
  3. thank u, omg that bag was amaziiiiing....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.