Mousseline scarf

  1. Hi,
    I just got a mousseline scarf as a present. It's not Hermes, it's actually Chanel but I thought this is the forum with more scarf experts so I'd love some help here.

    How do you wear mousseline scarves? I tried actually the typical ways shown in the Playtime with your scarf book, but I found that most of them don't look so good as the pattern doesn't look ok if you fold the scarf many times.

    I'm pretty sad I can't return it and DH bought it for me, he was really happy to get me a nice scarf and I'd love to wear it a lot but I just can't figure how to make it look nice!
    Can you please help?
  2. Please post a pic of your scarf and we'll figure it out together with you!
  3. i saw a pochette mousseline scarf at the store today, i think i'm going to get it afterall.

    is the mousseline scarf more fragile than the regular silk scarf?
  4. I bought a H Paddock scarf yesterday at NM (a green one and I love it!), and last night spent forever folding it all different ways that are in the H booklet the SA gave me on how to fold your scarves. I think I finally got the hang of it. ~phew~

  5. Oh Donna! What a lovely scarf in your avitar. I love the green.
  6. donna,

    ooh, that's nice. :smile: would love to see the mousseline version of the paddock print in real life.

    i haven't seen many mousseline scarf in pochette size, looks like they have more selection in the US (as do most things) :smile:
  7. i actually like to let it hang loose around me neck w/ a simple ring to keep it together. this paired w/ a tailored suit & heels.
  8. I love mousselines, actually better than the twill counterparts. They are less bulky and the regular sized ones work beautifully inside a dress shirt collar. I always find the regular twill too big for that purpose.

    My favourite are the bigger ones 50"x50" that can hang loose. I also love the rectangular long ones, yes they do make them, although very few. They look stunning with a loose drapey top (eskanda comes to mind).