Mousseline lovers, see what I found today (pics)

  1. Again, in all the excitement, I forgot about asking the SAs for the names of the mousselines, can some one identify? I do know the silk one is called Josephine Danse.

    Modeling pics to come!





    dancers_s.jpg dancers2_s.jpg stole_s.jpg JosephineDanse_s.jpg JosephineDanse2_s.jpg
  2. Wow, those are just incredible. Congrats!!!
  3. Sorry about the busy top, really doesn't go with these mousselines, but I am too lazy to change.
    Oh and excuse the dirty mirror! :shame:

    dancerson2_s.jpg dancerson3_s.jpg stoleon_s.jpg
  4. Oh look what you have done now!!!!

    You look so great that I NEED to get one of them for myself!
  5. WowEEE gorgeous!!!! Love them big mousselines!!!

    The ballet dancers is called Danse (or La Danse) and the other is called Fleurs de Fuchsia.

    They are spectacular on you! Congratulations !!!:nuts:
  6. I love La Danse!!! It's gorgeous. I want one. *cries*
  7. The Danse one is a CLERC if my sources are correct. LOVE IT!!!!
  8. WOW-Weeee!! THey are all TRULY beautiful!! Thanks for the pictures!:yahoo:
  9. ooh pretty! love the jospehine baker one. i saw it at the store! stunning!
  10. Oh, what beautiful scarves! Love the mousseline ones, so soft and feminine.
  11. They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  12. Just Lovely!!! The Joshephine Baker scarf is a personal favorite of mine as well....a very clever scarf!!

    Can't wait for more pics!
  13. How beautiful! I love them!
  14. One of my all time favorite patterns! And in a beautiful colorway too! Where did you find her?

    I am sooo scared of mouselline. I wear my silk twill with abandon...but I have ruined every piece of silk chiffon I ever laid my hands on....
  15. ^^^ I found her in my local H store (KOP).

    How do you ruin the mousselines? They are stronger than they look. The only thing I would be careful with is not to tie it too tightly. It could stretch out the chiffon permanently.

    I really like them, even more than the silk twills, as they are less bulky and has a grace to them that begs for being casually thrown on and loosely knotted. Half of the time I don't even tie them.